What You’ll Find Here:

1.) I am not interested in giving people certain buy and sell recommendations, rather, I’m more focused upon reflecting on the journey of becoming an elite trader.

2.) You’re more likely to find here my digestion of market information, and other current information about technical, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets, trading strategies, risk management, technology for traders, business issues, book and website reviews and much more.

What I Believe:

1.)   Importance of Self-Sufficient Traders

Dedicated traders have no need for buy and sell recommendations.  Trading pros make their decisions with self confidence and are self sufficient.  These people know that trading can be profitable in both bull and bear markets.  The question is: what are the markets, tools and strategies that lead to success?

2.)  Importance of Financial Freedom

While I do believe that it’s true that money cannot buy happiness, money can buy a lot of things that may be more important than happiness.  Money allows one to do things as he pleases (no bosses, no work schedules).  Money allows one to be inefficient and impractical when it comes to loving (E.g. Taj Mahal, flying a G-6 for no other reason).  Money allows us to date model girlfriends (E.g. Donald Trump).  Money buys freedom from law (Sad but true).  Money allows us to do what we’ve always dreamed about doing (E.g. Bill Gates and Buffett solving cancer health problems , the problem of poverty of opportunities etc).

In a nutshell, money buys us freedom to pursue our dreams.  I believe that fairly intelligent people become so burdened with survival that they cannot meet their potential. This is completely sick.  You cannot pursue your  dreams, if you’re so burdened thinking what to feed your son, how to pay for the bills etc. Money allows us the privilege of time and resources to make this world a better place.

3.)  Importance of a Financial Education (even just the basics)

Whoever you are, as long as you are looking to find income generating opportunities, or wishing to pursue your dreams,  you need to arm yourself with knowledge, rather than hope, especially in furnishing your own or your family’s well-being.  You may not need to trade for yourself. However, you need to brush up on some literature to at least understand what your financial planner is doing with your savings.  You don’t want to trust what you’ve worked hard for, on just hoping that the market will eventually recover, or that your friend will not be a Bernie Madoff in the making.

Whatever you decide on doing, managing it yourself or having others or teams manage your passive income, it’s imperative to do your own due diligence to understand exactly the risks that you’re taking.  Taking risks is inevitable, but you can at least have a calculated risk on financial endeavors in your life,

Just a fellow financial road traveller,

The Faceless Trader


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