June 17, 2015 – Book Review: The Trading Code Faves

Updated as of June 20,2015:  So effectively, the price of the book costs P899 with a P100 delivery charge pa ata.

You could order through their facebook page



I got my “Trading Code” copy exactly on June 11, 2015 so I had time to read during the “Financial Independence Day.”  Touche for the timing of the date for Jason Cam and team.

For Php799, was it worth it? Here’s my unabashed review of the book.  Note that I didn’t receive any remuneration for advertising his book so you can read my opinions knowing this is based from a trader who just reads.  I do have to thank him for giving me the book for free. Thanks again.  🙂 the trading code

So this is what you’re expecting.  I thought it was just a beginner trading book.  Apparently, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t because frankly, I hate it when technical analysis is dumbed down so it’s good and refreshing to read a book that isn’t too complex and neither too simple.


I love how he has a lot of examples and the book is laden with many charts of PSEi.  The guy’s got a gift of explaining what seems so complex into easy things. You’ll expect the following:




What I love about the book is how it explains why some simple concepts have to take place.  Why must breakouts have an explosive volume?  Why must volume decrease during pullbacks?  He explains this simple and with examples.  I like how he balances charts and explanations without bogging down the reader with too much technical stuff. 20150617-165010.jpg



How do you know that the stock price is in exhaustion? Volume is a clue and he explains it through examples. 20150617-165041.jpg

A lot of traders often think RSI oversold is a buy signal and he explains why RSI oversold alone is not a buy signal and that RSI can remain oversold for a long time.  That’s what I like with the Trading code because he explains in detail and doesn’t simplify things.


The book talks a lot about the indicators more indepth which I find every trader will find practical in his arsenal of tools.




One way of explaining Fibonacci is through example and that’s what you can find in The Trading Code.  He explains most every trading code with examples so the reader will never feel lost.

Also after every chapter, he writes anecdotes.  I like this one in particular.  NecesSARy Precautions at the Gym for Supports and Resistances


He teaches people to have a system and to understand why they’re saying that a chart is bullish.  There’s an exact data point and not just bullish.  Here he explains the strength of a bullish candle.  Charts and Examples. 20150617-165157.jpg

He also makes a checklist for any trader to tick to ensure that the trader is disciplined in buying or selling due to a system and not just to whim.



Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and happy that “The Trading Code” is now out in publication.  At least, the people paying 799 can really profit after reading this book IF they truly read the meanings behind the charts and indicators.

Also, I do love the fact that this can pass through both beginners and advanced traders as Jason explains concepts very well.

Good buy for 799 bucks 😀

– Faceless Trader


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10 Responses to June 17, 2015 – Book Review: The Trading Code Faves

  1. mlmerc says:

    Hi Miss Nikki,

    Sino po ung author? And available na po ba yan sa National Bookstore? Thanks po


  2. Cervantes Nicodemus says:

    thank you Ms./Mentor Nikki , but the book is not P799 any more hehe


  3. intelinvest says:

    Hi Ms. Nikki, bilhin ko copy mo if gusto mo na ibenta.. 2nd hand books lang kaya ng budget ko eh. 🙂


  4. Celso says:

    Pwede bang c.o.d. Ang bayad o kaya pick up pin ko na lang…


  5. badetalemania says:

    thanks for this,, really helpful. Im thinking of purchasing this book.A bit expensive tho. 🙂


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