2/23/17 – Philippines -Evidently World Laggard on Technicals

Argentina is the best performer and has always been on the top of the charts from the short term to the longer term traders being up 28% for the last six months and 69% in the last year.


Philippines our beloved country is one of the worst performers in the six month category losing 8%.  Our country’s performance is as bad as Nigeria and Chinext (the small caps of China).  You won’t see any love for the Philippines anytime soon with these types of statistics.


Table References; Data as of Feb 22 2017

Meanwhile here’s my analysis on our currency. USDPHP

For as long as usdphp stays above 49.50 ; we believe this weekly breakout piercing 50.20 will keep on trending up and we will advance to 53; even hitting 56-59 in the next few years. 

Currency depreciation will essentially deter foreign money from Parking their cash with Philippine pesos because holding their dollars will be worth more in the S&P500 ; Nasdaq and the Dow jones 
Which by the way have all time high charts and rising dollar against major currency baskets 

Basically the dollar is expected to rise by 10% against all major currencies in the weekly patterns

– Bookaka/Facelesstrader
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