1.) “Each and everyone of us has the power to leave the world a better place than we found it.  But we would argue that we do so not by creating grandiose plans, or imagining ourselves as some part of a vast movement, but by the small day to day actions and decisions that together with the actions of millions of others, can transform the world.”

2.) Why would a virtual stranger offer to make such things for him?  Because when you look into someone’s eyes, you see a person, and you can connect with their warmth.  

3.) It’s easy to dismiss the potential impact of a single individual, until you realize that one voice from even the most unexpected quarter can solve an ongoing business problem, galvanize a community or change the world.

References: The Power of Small Things, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval


I don’t hope to change the world.  I merely have the hope to change a few people’s lives, one small bit of my time in this life.   Facebook , while an endless cocktail party where everybody shows up at different times, slapping yellow post it notes on the ref- is still an avenue to get to know people etc.  Like the Faceless Trader page- and let’s start sharing ideas 😀

– Faceless Trader


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