How To Navigate This Blog

Welcome.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I write many topics, but they are mostly just either market-related, social entrepreneurship, companies (start-ups) or related to education.  To help you find the posts, I’ve made a neat organization.

There are 5 large categories in this blog:

1.) A Little Common Cents Corner-  

(Market Related Corner) Generally, a Sherlock Holmes type of investigation on technical tape readings in the Philippine Equity Markets.


2.) Sharpening the Mind Chronicles – 

(Trading Education Corner) – This will house anything related to best trading practices, reflections on the markets and anything (links, videos) I find useful from a market standpoint

3.) And the Message Can’t Always be Put into Words” –

(Graphic Design Corner)  Generally, trading, business and life concepts in pictures, financial artworks, financial or business-related cartoons etc.

4.) All The Small Things – The Origins – 

(“Start-up Corner”) This is my thinking hub of start ups and how big businesses got started.  Everything will focus upon the origins.

5.) It’s A Small World  

(“Social Entrepreneurship Corner”) – How can people deliver happiness while doing businesses?  This corner mainly talks about people who are solving problems (big and small) through their social enterprises from nonprofit organizations, to full-fledged businesses.

6.)  Miss Bento Books 

(“Book/Movie/Food Reviews & Education Corner”)

In cooperation with my girlfriend who wishes to be named Miss Bento Books, you will find both our favorite and recommended trading, business, fiction or non-market related book reviews for the mean time here (until her book exchange site becomes a full-fledged service).  She also loves eating, hence “Bento books”/”Bento Box” wordplay.  From time to time, you’ll find here miscellaneous stuff we both love too.

– I’ll fix the article categories using these 6 big groups from now on –

Thank you.

– Faceless Trader & Miss Bento Books


One Response to How To Navigate This Blog

  1. Linette Chan says:

    Very good read. 🙂
    Keep it exciting Nikki. Love it!


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