House Rules


A.) Importance of Open Mindedness

One should always try to understand the opposite side of an argument.  Grasping an opposing point of view is a way of sharpening the mind.  Everyone has a story worth listening to.  Everyone has something to teach.

B.) Spirited but Civilized Discourses

No one wins a conversation, and no one loses.  Discussions’ purpose is to exchange ideas, to gauge the merits of different points of view.

C. ) Fervent belief in Continual Education

“A distinction is in order.  Much of what is called “education” these days, even at the college level,   is in fact more in the nature of job-training.  The substance of education has to do with understanding human nature – both inmost hearts, the motives and longings of people very different from ourselves.   It comes from respectful engagement with a wide range of other people.  It comes from careful listening.”  – Peter Buffet

D.)  Join the conversations.  Share insights.  Contribute.

– Faceless Trader


3 Responses to House Rules

  1. 100kpinoy says:

    nice piece of work! keep it up!


  2. frank ngan says:

    whats your take on gma7 and pnx sir?


    • sadly i havent really studied pnx except that I know its business is similar to PCOR, and is a refinery in Mindanao. Earnings have done well, that’s why the company kept on issuing cash and stock divs over the past 3 years I believe? Re GMA7 – its at 28X P/E partly because of the merger n acquisition deal with Tv-5. I don’t quite know much about these two. sorry.


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