Feb 22,2017 – If Charts were the basis; Miss Japan may be your Miss Universe candidate

Good morning traders. Yeah you guys knew I slept early so I woke up early:) I’d swamp you guys with more global charts ha! Don’t worry I don’t trade all But I want you guys knowing what’s happening in the big boys ponds

Very easy the 5 most important charts in the world are all making ATH or all time highs. 
Notice that we are heading towards 

Spx 2400-2500

Nasdaq 6000

Dow jones 25,000
That means the world is in a buy mode on all stocks based in the USA 
Russell 2000 which is the entire bottom 2000 companies (representative of small cap sector) is also making new highs

The Russell 2000 Index is a small-cap stock market index of the bottom 2,000 stocks in the Russell 3000 Index. The Russell 2000 is by far the most common benchmark for mutual funds that identify themselves as “small-cap”, while the S&P 500 index is used primarily for large capitalization stocks.

So what do we essentially have? We have a strong strong market in the USA with the 10 year treasury bond yields still at all time lows despite rising interest rates 
So don’t make the financial media fool you that the interest rates are rising. Even if Janet yellen hikes rates 
You’re looking at 20 year lows in interest rates – the primary trend is still downtrend

For the interest rate I mean; which makes owning stocks great. 

Ok so let’s now head down to the Asian indices. Wait up.

Big picture view muna Tayo. I’d also post more of these in BKK Bookaka blogletters. That’s kinda my resolution this time. I’d share you guys more global charts even if we are only trading pinas. You never know. Why not choconut

Sila Lang ba may karapatan magbukas ng interactive brokers? All is fair in love and war and charts hahaha

Asia is kinda weak. India Japan are the strongest markets in Asia.

Taiwan is still stuck below 10,000

Singapore is still stuck in consolidation; still trying to advance above the 3000; below the 4,000 mark

Singapore is below their 2008 financial crisis levels.  It has however started To go some 52 week new highs. Basically Singapore at least is trying to inch its way out of the rut. It broke 3000, at least that’s something

As if you needed me to tell you this ; basically PSEI is going nowhere. It’s still below 8000

Philippines went nowhere in the last 5 years. No wonder why we all prefer non index stocks and small cap basura stocks in pinas. 

New Zealand was one of the strongest markets in Asia who surpassed the 2008 crisis as early as 2014 and continued its uptrend. It’s not yet making all time highs but miss New Zealand would go first to new highs than us. It’s recent top is just 7400. Watch out for this New Zealand to lead us out of our rut

Here’s miss Malaysia. 
She’s nowhere as well. She’s ugly too. We can tell Malaysians (we feel the same way) she did nothing for the last five years. That consolidation is the hot mess.

Meanwhile miss Japan is doing something nice 🙂 for the. Eh very first time. Look at the 20,000 Nikkei. That isn’t just a normal high. That’s like an amazing 1990 high that will be broken for this year 2017. How wonderful is it to find 27 year breakouts 

Omg you gotta go to JAPAN! Miss Japan is raging hot

You kinda know Nikki loves nikkei ei? Haha

Indonesia somehow is like some vicious magnet at 5,500

She tells you 

(Sorry – you just can’t have this 5500 tonight.) and you’ve been getting that answer for the last 5 years. It will be a mystery when you can ever ever ever breakout 

Sorry no orgasmic euphoria in Indonesia 

You gotta go to Japan for that


Now let’s go to destination India shall we? She finally says you can poke at 30,000.

Miss India and miss Japan is telling you (yeah you can come here) we love you too.

The entire time; you were stuck in miss Philippines? 

Miss India was raging in her own world.

It gives you perspective that you gotta start working with other girls.

That’s just it. (If the goal is to advance)

Miss HK and miss Shanghai. Useless 

They never even broke their 2008 crisis highs

Already some HK dude is telling you (she’s not gonna let you pass 25,000- im gonna give you advice- she’s a hard hard mode kinda girl)

And you can see how hard HK is when you go microscope too. look at every chart on smaller time frames

This is miss China — stuck at that 3,000

You wanna play in a barren land? She’s basically sleeping

If you’re just a poor soul trying to make ends meet with miss china. Holding FXI? How do you do. I say you dump her for miss India and miss Japan


We go to Australia! Still having some hard time at 6000 but at least with Australia and New Zealand ; they somehow seem to also make it up there. Maybe coz commodities are rising. We’d explain that later.

This is Australia. Mejo malapit na sya mag breakout to all time highs. The guys out there must be saying (I can’t wait for miss Australia- I feel like I’ve waited for this for a lifetime) – it’s gonna be a 2 year high and coincides with the 2008 financial crisis highs.


Strongest i like over at Europe is miss Germany and miss London. 

You’d understand in a few seconds. I’d give you all the charts (max) and you can develop that eye for your miss universe

Obviously Italy and Greece are your worst of the bunch. They basically brought the entire European community to bankruptcy. But check out the smaller pics.

This is Greece. In the last 5 days it has gone up and we are seeing that this girl is trying to recover its way 

Greece is still not officially out of downtrend but it’s doing sideways and bouncing 

We are seeing people picking up trash. The Greek type of trash

Italy finally found its way out of its rut. 52 week new highs for Italy hurrah


Do not mess with the dollar 

That’s a weekly breakout 

And that’s why you see Japan Australia New Zealand all breaking out too 

Exporters love this depreciation 

You’d have cheaper Japanese sushi by year end 

Book those flights to Japan 🙂 we should be seeing 115-120 pretty soon

I say we go hit those 115 and break that and go 121 for the usdjpy this year 

You gotta go to miss Japan 

Buy dollars 
Sell Japanese yen

Up the positive carry trade 🙂

Very mild retracement 
Japan is fueled by easy money. 

Japanese bull market

I’m gonna check on best stocks in Japan
Some easy ones. Long the dollar yen and pairs 

Financials and tech are rocking their world

Argentina Brazil Mexico and Canada 

These are all wonderful 

They’d give you super wonderful days


So there 

Pretty clearly

You know where the money is 🙂

– Bookaka/Facelesstrader
Catch me over as @bookaka

Go to http://www.bookaka.com where we discuss Philippine markets intensively even as we know that Philippines is in a hot mess 


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