June 8, 2016 – Citihub is Expanding. Do you want to Invest in a Citihub?

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This is Citihub.


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The most updated rates now as of June 2016 is 1700 for Fan rooms and 2500 for Aircon Rooms for a month.  This means for less than P60/day, we cover everything from bed space, to free wifi, to their water and electricity.  Meanwhile the aircon rooms cost P80/day.

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If you own land in the metro that’s 1,000 sqm at least and you’re willing to lease it to us to create half way houses ala Citihub, please message us through our email addresses and we will get back to you ASAP. Let’s schedule a meeting and negotiate as we have funds ready to deploy and are only looking for the right locations to place them. We prefer the sickpoint areas of Metro Manila.  The more congested, the more busy, the more the need for Citihub to be there to help our migrant workers have a place to stay that’s affordable during the week instead of the grueling commuting process which also is a lot of money to them in proportion to their wages.







Watch some videos about Citihub below:



We are looking for :

1.) Interns – Preferably Marketing background

2.) Landowners – Preferably within Metro Manila – We’d like to propose leasing or joint venture partnerships

3.) Tenants:

a.) We’ve currently secured sites in Sta. Ana Makati (170 bed space addition) – Estimated Opening Dates January – March 2017

b.) and are planning to expand in a site near Sm Sucat Paranaque (350 bed space addition)

If you’d like a Citihub near your place, please check out our facebook page where we’ll make polls and share insights on how to grow and live with Citihub.


– Faceless Trader is a happy cofounder of Citihub.  It is a for-profit social enterprise that can generate predictable returns with minimal risks while helping and allowing many Filipino migrant workers an affordable and dignified housing for a small portion of their funds.  Please help us expand by giving us potential locations to invest and grow a Citihub.  It is our vision to have a Citihub in major metropolis areas to help people go back home only on weekends (lessen traffic, better life, higher savings too)


Contact details for those interested:

Email us

Panya Boonsirithum <panya_boonsirithum@yahoo.com>,
Kenneth Stern <kstern11@gmail.com>, Nikki Yu <yu.nikki@gmail.com>

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4 Responses to June 8, 2016 – Citihub is Expanding. Do you want to Invest in a Citihub?

  1. Grace says:

    How to invest in Citihub?


  2. Winston Lou Espocia says:

    Hi I’m Winston I’m interested to invest,do you have office in sta Mesa ,may I know the address or any contacts.


    • Abc says:

      Hello Winston. You may visit in Citihub Sta Mesa. Its found in waze. Address is First Street V Mapa. Our investment tranche is already closed but we will notify when there are future sites


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