May 22,2016- How to Navigate the Philippine Stockmarket Through Bookaka

Traders love to share their sentiments about stocks.  Did you know that you can earn from these sentiments? 

Bookaka (Open Book Open Opportunities)  is an open-sourced community available in desktop and mobile (both android and iOS) which champions and empowers traders to transform their sentiments into action oriented trading ideas. 

With several people sharing and reflecting profitable trading strategies, we showcase a breed of traders and investors that thrive in this fast paced socially connected world which users can follow for free or for a small fee. 

With Bookaka; anyone can tap into the community and design simple products that can help others make money; and thus provide a small business platform for the content providers as well. As more people Give and serve the traders and make things that matter; rewards go to them. 

Bookaka has always been at the heart of providing information as fast and as real time as possible.  We’ve also reached out to several premium contributors with street credibility to help users identify trading ideas and setups they can generate money from. 

Everyone today uses their mobile for information. Using Bookaka allows you to stay up to date with your stocks for free. 

Let’s give as an example $pxp just for reference 

In the free sentiments column ; you can see several traders’ ideas about the stock by simply keying the ticker symbol 

You can also go to news; tweets and disclosures and you’d find the following very easily 

In the news tab; everything is curated specific to your needs which is just Philippine stocks. You’d see it sorted chronologically. 

If you want to find out just news for $PXP;type it and the following will appear 

Sometimes traders are correlating $PXP with Duterte’s West Philippine sea talks- you can only know that through sentiments and tweets such as the following. All these are available freely to any trader in the Philippines. 

 Go to the disclosures section which is realtime updated the moment PSE disclosures are released on edge so that you never have to consider leaving the website. 

Charting section is available currently through the website (not yet though on mobile- but we suggest you download TradeApp which has one of the best realtime charting features over through mobile and top of the line indicators from foreign flows; trending indicators that will help facilitate your ways to wealth.) 

We wrote an article about TradeApp as well (Uncovering Duterte’s strongest stocks thru TradeApp.) 

We definitely are advocates of providing as many ways as possible to help fellow Filipinos in advancing their tools to trade the markets better. 

We hope you’d use Bookaka and find it an essential partner on your  trading day. 

Here’s how things look over at premium sentiments – just a few snapshots-

Trading is never easy but it can also be less hard with Bookaka as your teammate in trading 

We hope you’d agree 🙂

– FacelessTrader on behalf of Bookaka


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