July 2, 2015- Try Horse Meat under Php100 

I went to Gabes to try horse meat. They have this dish that’s being raved about because the dish is healthier and surprisingly just worth P95.00; also some food bloggers mentioned it’s the best silog in katipunan so I decided to give it a try.

Apparently ; horse meat is one of the healthiest meats for human consumption. The meat is low fat ; iron rich and abundant in vitamin B. http://www.chevideco.com/en/gezondheid/

Horse meat is even better than beef (though I still love my beef tapsilog!) http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/horsemeat-better-than-beef-sustainability

Even hell kitchen Gordon Ramsay said before that horse is a healthy meat.  

Horsey log is undoubtedly their best sellers.  I can’t even tell if I was eating horse meat or beef.  It’s that good, plus lean and healthy. They also serve all the tapsilogs the entire day. Yipee since I love eating breakfast food all day long. 

  This is us above with Fred Miguel (Responsible Trader) , me (FT) and Dan Panlilio (owner).

The place is not pretentious at all and serves local favorites and we tried their Kare Kare version. It’s 200.00; not bad. Anyone in White Plains or katipunan area who wished to have some local food trip that won’t hurt the budget can check out Gabes.

  Salmon below is only 125, sulit sya considering healthy, baked pa.

Halo halo for only 95 as well      Fried Oreos  for 100; grabe this is good so don’t eat coz fattening unless you’re not too conscious about your weight.


The layout of the menu sucks.  I told this to the owner since they could have highlighted the most important food of all.  Gabes is the ONLY ONE in Metro Manila so far that serves horse meat even if this is a delicacy in Malabon area.   That’s why I told them to also change their menu to make way for Horseylog = the main star of the entire resto.

Anyway, what I love about them is that I can totally see myself ordering and substituting my usual fast food take out delivery for birthdays and any large group events.
For people in Ortigas who constantly order from Ambers and Jfc ; might as well alternatively order from Gabes.
1500 is enough for them to deliver

Best to get all the silog and pancit malabon which is a best seller.

Try what the GMA7 morning show Unang Hirit did on your next party. Super affordable Boodle Tapsilog packages. Super yummy right?  They will willingly deliver for you for free for any orders above P1,500 in the Metro Manila area.  Not only is it fun and new; it’s super affordable and tasty too.

g6 g7

Prices are very competitive so I urge you to check them out 🙂

How to get here:

They are beside Motolite and AUB and just beside Raintree (the milk tea place).  From Ortigas, just go straight towards White Plains area as if you were going to Katipunan itself,


Gabe’s Home Grown Dishes
Address: 143 Katipunan Ave. Bgy. St. Ignatius Quezon City
Open from 10am-10pm, Monday to Saturday
Phone: +63 2 871 1146
Email: danxp13@yahoo.com

-Faceless Trader


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2 Responses to July 2, 2015- Try Horse Meat under Php100 

  1. wlleung1 says:

    Where does he get his supply of Horse meat? Sa Masbate kaya? Ostrich rin is healthy, but I have not heard of someone selling, although I know someone raising in Mindoro


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