June 7, 2015 – Faceless Trader Public Group Resurrected

Woah. Faceless Trader Resurrected —

It all started with an unrelenting refusal to accept things the way they are.
It was a simple idea. Create a blog. Write posts about books, education and improving one’s own life. It then became a conversation, which lead to more social connections and exchange of better ideas.
One cannot save or change the world by simply writing, one remarked.
How foolish I am to think so…
But I still am.

One simple goal – one crazy idea. One single day.
Post a note. Write a comment. Submit a smile. A picture etc.
One smile. One photograph, one letter, one art.
Individual powers can never be underestimated. Contribute and submit any story, work, idea etc as we collectively make our own small part to making big ripples in this day and age. smile emoticon

There’s no one who will help us, except our own set of tayo tayo Lang.

Faceless Trader seemed to have transitioned independentely into a group of motivated individuals working to fix the defuncts of the world in their own separate small ways.

Let me just say this with all honesty.

Denise Marie Santos and I never talked about resurrecting FT.

In fact, I only learned that this group was created by Krissy Domingo who texted me 230pm that brands daw can never be killed. FT was reborn daw. Sabi ko..huh?

And then I realized that

1.) I was never the owner of FT. She or He or It was never a person.
2.) Maybe I thought FT was she, maybe I thought I had the right to close it down, but I knew I didn’t. A deep regret still fills me whenever I feel as if I never fought for the community. Somehow. I felt I wronged everyone.

In any case, I’m thankful to all the ex-faceless traders who made this community possible. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Thank you and I wish you and all the rest of FTs all the success,

In true spirit,

I’ll remain a faceless trader.

And this time, I’ll really mean it. Thank you. I’m actually crying as usual. Such a cry baby. I never knew something like this can happen.

Thank you so much. She’s finally an ethos. She’s not a person. She’s a spirit. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you everyone.




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