June 1, 2015 – Whats Next After FT Closes? Tell me.

Hello to all the faceless trader members,

I know the situation seems like a heart break.  Most FT members have voiced out that I should have just left and retained the FT community because it was my choice to leave but they wanted to be left behind.  I know this is wrong of me to do so.  I deeply apologize to this disservice that I have done.  All FT members who wish to create a group are free to do so if you want to retain an FT-vibe community.  Some asked me to create a group for the past FT members but I think the best is for the FT members to just simply join the existing groups. Personally, there’s an over abundance of groups already.

Conversely, you may also visit Bookaka which seeks to be a platform where we seek all trading groups to post and share their insights to merge the various posts being shared in one.  This will be archived and will be a powerful tool for traders who wish to harness sentiments of the crowd.

Most also have misconstrued that my breaking up with Faceless Trader was due to my presence in Bookaka.  It wasn’t that.  Let me just clear this issue out.  People seem to think that I left FT for Bookaka and that’s not true.  Even the Bookaka team were saddened for the dissolution of FT.

First, I love the FT group members.  I had to delete it because I stick to my word – because I have a lot of conflicts of interest.  These conflicts have always resurfaced between me and my company from time to time.  We cannot continue going through circles that something’s gotta give.  That day arrived on May 28, 2015.  Thus, FT had to finally close down. I decided it was for the best of both parties.

Second, it was abrupt but I couldn’t allow any FT-FB group to remain alive because my name is still there.  I cannot have my nickname there and there’s no easy way to just edit a button to make the past FT community still retain their community.

Again, I am okay if ex-FT members wish to create an FB group of their own.  You guys can discuss what’s next after the Faceless Trader shut down by posting comments in this blogpost so that if you all want a group, I’ll create one for all of you albeit without me.  (let me know re this part)

For the members who wish to find files and past discussions.  I’m keeping the keys to the archive. FT-FB is in the clouds.    She wasn’t banished with a delete button.  The only present member there is me.  The group dissolves when I leave.  I didn’t leave.  She’s still alive and breathing but left to sleep in the clouds.

my line is open to let you inside the cloud server  if you wish to keep some files for your personal usage.

message me over

@ yu.nikki@gmail.com so that I can let you in if you wish to archive any or for whatsoever reason that you want to visit.

FT is in the clouds. She’s safe and sound. She didn’t go to hell.

– Faceless Trader


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One Response to June 1, 2015 – Whats Next After FT Closes? Tell me.

  1. Jared Odulio says:

    Move forward, best to keep it safe, work for the best interest of your company, good luck!


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