May 28,2015- On Public Opinion

public opinion will be short term in nature. It is uniformly against buying when the market is down but I’d think that if you’re only able to buy these companies at these low and attractive prices now; you should buy it and just do it slowly.

Maybe rwm is gonna be 5 pesos or 4 pesos. Maybe it seems suicidal to buy a downtrend stock.

It’s just got to be fundamentally good because if you’re going contrarian mainly on value; you might wait 3 years for people to realize that you’re doing the right thing. It wasn’t easy to get fgen at 13/12.5 but I also basically bought during that time.

Ask yourself if the company is earning money.

You’re clearly buying something having a bad day in the markets but we could have more bad days tomorrow and the next. You will have to choose the companies that can weather this downturn.

You may have cash but at some point in time; you want to deploy it slowly so that you may reap the rewards the next year.

– facelesstrader


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