May 28, 2015 – Shutting Down Faceless Trader Facebook Group –

First and foremost,  I think there are many conflicts of interest and trouble whenever I’m faced with talking about stocks in the Philippine markets. The problem is that I’ve got to choose and of course, it’s clear that this FT-FB must stop.

I’ll just stop all these Facebook posts inside Faceless Trader.

There’s plenty of other people who can administer inside FT.  I’m disappearing from Faceless Trader.

To put it simply, the reason for closing this entire FB is perfectly one reason.

I’m working for Wealth Securities and any stock broker shouldn’t have any Facebook Group discussing stocks here in public.

Thanks and bye everyone.

– Faceless Trader.


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9 Responses to May 28, 2015 – Shutting Down Faceless Trader Facebook Group –

  1. Fated Blue says:

    Thank you for having us.


  2. Fred Miguel says:

    Hi Nikki, Among the Facebook groups, this is the one that is closest to my heart. Thanks for everything. I wish you the best in all your endeavors and I am looking forward to doing a project with you in the near future. God Bless!


  3. wlleung1 says:

    Thanks Nikki.


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  5. unknown says:

    u will be miss..bye 🙂


  6. Anakin says:

    Thanks for everything Nikki. Good luck!


  7. Gi says:

    Learned a lot from FT FB, thank you 😀

    Curious…..what other groups do you personally recommend? The FB groups I’ve joined so far haven’t been as helpful as FT 😦


    • you could go here – there’s a community there with no distinct leaders. Just people sharing whatever comes to mind.

      Among FB Trading Groups:
      1.) Stockmarket Hacker aka Eloy Derivatives – it’s headed by Al Cal and his friends who believe in no-leaders as well. Sariling kayod. — I’d say that this is the most “dikit” with the FT vibe for now.
      2.) Mt. Olympse – Bulog & Berto and his friends
      3.) PSMDCF – Remigio Ocampo – There’s a lot of good traders inside.
      4.) Tsupitero – Miko Sayo
      5.) Stock Market Exploits – Ver Toring, Kidlat, Ichimoku, Ves
      6.) Stock Market Pilipinas – Spyfrat
      7.) TAP – I know there’s a lot of notoriety on this group – you need to read past the hype inside and see through it. Sometimes, that which is popular – will have to be monitored only for purposely monitoring the pulse of the markets.
      8.) Trading Post – Jason Cam and friends
      9.) WTF – It’s not much of a trading group, but usually the people who are around here are a bunch of traders.
      10.) Barbers Tales – public channel of BoH
      11.) Finance Manila – Shoyu Ramen, Tmac – bunch of nice peeps around here.

      I might have missed a lot of other groups.

      Warning – None of the groups will be same with the FT-FB community vibe but you can still find some good posts out there.


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