May 17, 2015 – Is Value Investing Dead?

Is value investing dead?

It never was dead.

It’s just that deep value investing consists of people who are in some ways different from the herd.

As a parallel here; think of the fact that Shangrila ‪#‎SHNG‬ and Rockwell‪#‎ROCK‬ are household names and brands we know that actually indeed earn money.

Did any of you guys even check ‪#‎CHI‬ coz they reported an increase in income of of 243 mil pesos or a rise of 67% primarily through leasing Cebu office spaces: recurring income subsidiary of The Ayalas

But why do these companies never get the love they deserve?

A number of factors primarily liquidity

How could it be ? You wonder why commercial and residential districts that are owned by Ayala in Cebu can be so undervalued in the stock market?

Chi has grown rental income and real estate sales

Net margin 26%

Chi owns Ayala center Cebu. It’s a rental income so leasing should be stable

The increase in sales and income was from a one off sale of a lot on Cebu business park and generally higher leasing income from their office spaces.

I guess it’s not an explosively growing company organically but it also is a stable earner

It pays cash dividends of 20 cents last year maybe it can pay again this year.

I guess from my experience; people in Pinas just simply don’t do deep value investing.

Or the people who do— are generally too rich to not really care whether the stock rises or not.

Ipit sila pero mura naman yung company and sigurado naman sa fundamentals kaya ok Lang.

That’s why I don’t quite doubt it if the people who bought WEB had a 300% gain. 5 went to 17. I pointed out and knew Web was cheap but it’s just that I don’t know if market will know what I know.

I pointed out COL was cheap but it’s still cheap anyway.

It took 2 years just for people to know LR was damn cheap.

It will likely take another 2 years to make people know GERI is deep value.

Didn’t we all wait 5 months just to get vindicated that CEB is indeed deep value?

So anyway; for people who have time to wait. There’s always the realization that it’s all fundamentals in the long term

PSPC also got a catalyst.

Maybe the @jerico zubiri ; @rommel ablin Ernesto Espana Jr. Of the world can be vindicated when the market realizes the value

There are people like Joseph Allan J. Sinay; Kevin Cheung Alphen Yu

They are a rare breed
ATR is a rare breed . I would like to commend them because even if in the short term, the market will make them underperform ; their process is just find deep value and keep it for a long time.

Periods of longterm value are hard concepts.

Let us praise all the loyal Ceb investors.

I’m happy COL is the largest in CEB. That means all their retail (large and small) fought the giant foreign sellers.

When we are right; we press on.

And when price shows us that we are finally correct ; we decide to keep.

You know those numbers

Momentum is finally with you and not against you

Keep the faith

Make that 90 resistance reverse it’s role and become support

It’s already the locals who have the brunt of the shares

No foreign can bully and influence it to fall if they don’t have enough shares to supply

Think about that.

You’ve already won

It’s a matter of pressing on to your winners on dips

You have to have a large volume on your winners

And Col proved it with billions. Together and united.

Kudos and salute to the locals

– FT


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