January 11,2015 – Choosing Yourself

Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere. – Albert Einstein

Perhaps we live in a fabricated world of efficiency.  Escape the fabricated journal.

If you think that adventure is dangerous, try routine – it is deadly.

Avoid the danger of the single path.  Walk and you will realize you have an entirely different path from the one who took the airplane or the car.

The experience of trading has captivated traditional and non traditional thinkers alike.  Some believe they have THE DEFINITIVE path.  There is nothing wrong listening and learning from several people who have underwent the maze of trading for years and made rules that have helped them navigate the markets with less mistakes and profits as proof.  Creativity however is undermined when one believes there is only one way to make money.  Everyone is better than someone else at least in one area of their life. One can know more about houses.  One can know more about the production of burgers.  Sometimes maybe the knowledge is not material and the skills we know better from others can be called silly such as knowing the entire world of Harry Potter.

The power of the markets is that it is ever changing.  The smartest guy in the room is not going to be the smartest if he is among the types of people who cannot be open minded to ideas people share independently.  As I see it, we borrow ideas shared through social media and I can see through a distance that all we had to do was to sit back and be excited with the interesting conversations by more than 90,000 people connected in several trading groups.  I am no geek and I am not a technology guy but there’s a complete frontier here.  It sounded revolutionary.  You can talk to people. The web can be used as a highly anarchical tv channel and we can present our subjective views or we can turn a national phenomenon out of the stock markets for public service.  We can help trigger the impetus for hundreds of young people to cover and express themselves through questioning a lot of accepted concepts.  It helps the person to be empowered and it is the goal of any good group to make a nation of Filipinos acquire good skills such as the mindsets of  entrepreneurs, traders, investors and opportunity makers.  We are creating a financially literate community one by one and the potential is exponential for many baby boomers who will want to retire by 2030.To significantly increase the measures of a national workforce with adequate savings, we can serve our circles and we thereby encourage more relationships to be fostered to plan in acquiring more earnings.  We have to plan how to educate and upskill ourselves in our current jobs, companies and it all starts in changing our attitudes.  That way, we’ll see a prosperous time ahead for all Filipinos in our lifetime, or at least an abundantly larger amount of people.

things happen

when we decide to do something about it…


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