November 26, 2014 – Violent Bottoming Out Reversal Alert for #COSCO

No market wrap up.

Just the chart.  Common sense is sometimes not so common.  – Ken Fisher

Violent Bottoming Out Reversal Calls for a Buy on Breakout or Add on Breakout Move

Cosco Capital Inc. (COSCO) has established a double bottom at P7.39.  The stock has broken above the short term resistance of 8.30 today and has closed at a four month new high of P8.44. The next resistance stands at P9.37-P10.00; Buy or Add on Breakout of 4 month high near 8.30

By now, even if you average up, I would assume your cost is near 8.

Congrats and we will have our baggers in 2 years.  If it comes earlier, even better 😀

Rationale – fundamentally undervalued.

– Faceless Trader


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