November 12, 2014 – Tenets of Winning

Real Wealth is Built on Consistently Investing in Winners.

(mantra kept being fed on and on in the Philequity talks from the past being ingrained in my head.)  So who are these winners?  It won’t be new.   You can hold them, trade them or have nothing to do with them but these are usually where the long term and the short term money will be parking theirs.

You’ve seen these winners before. Yada yada yada.  It will be the same unless their earnings slip up.  All you need to do then is to time them when they drop to enter at good levels.  Either way, the stocks below will likely consolidate during corrections and make new highs when markets climb higher.  Most 3Q14 earnings were pleasant.


props – ali meg

power – edc,ap

banks- secb bdo

consumer – urc jfc dnl

retail – rrhi ssi pgold

casino – bloom, plc, lr

nickel – nikl

telco – tel, glo

oil beneficiary – ceb

Power is a Winning Sector with #EDC

#EDC has been a winner since 3-4 months ago.  The uptrend winner just got even more investors and momentum traders as the stock jumped to an all time high of 8.30 closing at 8.13 after 3Q14 earnings got released. News also shows Burgos wind power earlier than expected. +73/272

Funds who have these will likely keep the uptrend alive.  Short term pullbacks are seen as buying opportunities, with the last major pullback at 7.05-7.30 providing investors and traders good one buck gain.

#FPH – new high at 92.2 closing 90.9 -53/95

#FGEN 26.5 with a high of 26.7 intraday, -101/206

Leader of Properties

After reporting earnings that beat estimates and 20% annual projects for their eventual 40 Bil peso income target from the current P10 Bil reported in 9M14, #ALI gets raves from all over the foreign and local brokerage firms and breaks out into further highs.  35.50 new high closing at 35.35 +168/448

#MEG currently consolidating (despite good earnings estimates, perhaps everyone waiting for a drop due to the MSCI decrease) – use opportunities near 4.70 below to accumulate. +29/143

Cash Dividend Cows

#GLO posts awesome 3Q and goes 1690 with an 18.75 cash dividend to boot +14/96

#MBT Inching Its Way Up

#MBT is inching its way up to go one peso at a time with earnings that while down due to lower trading gains posted good 3Q through net interest income.  Closes 86.05 +86/274

#EW Breaks out

26.9 today with +1/18

3Q14 earnings were in line.

#NIKL drops to 42.  -20/94

(Drop further near 39-40) for some bargain hunting range trading opportunities before Nov 21 ex date.

Sell on rally still enforced. 45 short term resistance.


#BLOOM – quick rebound but not so fast.  To be stable, this has to be built on solid ground. 13-14 consolidation most likely for the next 2 weeks.

-169/657 (Many buyers from 13 will make tsupit and sell their shares at 50-60 cent profit.)  No need to buy up too much.  As close as possible to 13

#SSI rebounds after 3 days of pullback profit taking as it launches SSI Life (online retail where you can shop for Marks and Spencer, TWG teas and so forth). Also acquires more foreign brands. 7.89 – still not able to break 8.  Let’s see tomorrow. -30/137


Large Block Sales but Illiquid

1.) #AUB 1M shares @ 72

2.) #CMT 49M shares @ 1.72 (same with insiders’ price during previous disclosure)

Net Foreign Sell 549Mil on 7.9 Value traded; PSEI 7232

-Faceless Trader


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    a very valuable insights, keep it up…im your fan 😉


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