November 11, 2014 – Sellers Aggressive in the Air

One word. Sell.

Too tired to explain every nitty gritty.  If you’re fundamentalist, then you have a reason to hold on to it despite short term headwinds and will have cash to buy more if it falls.  If you’re a short term trader, you already know the resistances and negative headwinds so you would have been in cash as well.  Either way, I’m not here to baby sit any of you.


That doesn’t mean I’m bearish.  It just means that the market will likely stall.  It will sleep or it will fall.  The short term market will not care about fundamentals so the fundamentalists might also be able to get shares lower just because sentiment and environment is bearish.

Fundamentals point differently for some stocks but we might get more drops than pops.  Most good news are SELL on good news rallies.

– Faceless Trader


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