November 6, 2014 – Happily Taking Profits On Extended Moves , PSEI 7236

November 6, 2014 – We have NFB of 50M on value traded P8.9 Bil

We note the ones that had very massive runs in just 3 days and show the profitable moves.  We hope you’ve locked in some profits in this move.  Sell in tranches happily 😀

In the short term, these two stocks had a rise of 20.8% and 82%  respectively (9.6 to 11.6).  A good trader who can capture even just half of this very fast moving “train” trend is good enough 🙂  Take at least 10% and 40% profitable short term returns and use your gains for pullback entries after it consolidates.  Should they rise further, doesn’t matter since there’s gonna be ways for stocks these strong to consolidate after a strong run.  Volume shows that it’s toppish and due for pullbacks so just use your Fibonacci retracement tools to enter back in.

#LR and #LRW

Value traded of #LRW is P180M exceeds the value traded of #LR at P102M.  That’s more like a warning sign to take profits happily in the short term (so that you lock in some of your profits) 🙂  Leave those zero cost shares as even a 50% drop  will not affect your cost of ZERO since that was some huge move right there.  (Only kept my ZERO cost shares.  My traded shares all out.)  Just keep an eye on the next retracement levels for the ones trading the hype.  It’s a profitable hype even if the actual warrant value of 6 bucks means LR has to be P18.50 just for the buyer to break even.  It only has 80 Mil shares in the market, hence the move is largely due to scarcity AND NOT based on fundamentals.  That said, it had been a very profitable move already and smile happily if you got in and made money off of this.




#DD starting? after reporting earnings of P330+ mil for 9M14, momentum started trickling in to the stock.


Is the 6 month consolidation over?  We’ll see based on value traded in the next few days.

It closed P7.95 with 21.6M traded.


#TEL looks interesting since the earnings miss.  You have supports between P2800-2880.  Investors can use these dips to show their buy supports.



Top movers remain #BDO ratcheting another new high close at P106 (the intraday high was 107.40) with value traded of 797M

Property stocks moving well:

#ALI 34.90 intraday high, closes 34.45 +69/310

#MEG hit 5.05 closes 4.96 +45/468

#HOUSE hit 7.91 intraday to close 7.71 +1.8/80

#RLC hit 25! to close at the high +2.2/199

#SMPH despite earnings for the quarter being weak managed 17.70 +23/164

#VLL 6.26 close +21/267


Everyone’s ready for tomorrow’s debut of Store Specialists #SSI.  All the retailers joined the party especially after good earnings results.

#PGOLD still followed with more rises +47/250 @ 36.7 (inching its way up towards the 40 level)

#RRHI breaks its silence and goes 66.4 (intraday high of 66.8) +4.6/101

#COSCO Still sleeping but at least above 8. currently 8.13 -4.5/22



#GTCAP showed it was the boss after bouncing from the 1000 level and hitting P1110  intraday.  Profit taking took it to close at P1070, +49/306

#SM lifting our index higher at 805 +45/219


#DNL despite reporting positive earnings results brought down due to profit taking. (SELL ON GOOD NEWS happening)

-33/108 to close at 14.94 after hitting intraday high of 15.22


It’s too early to call a breather for the market, but naturally, you don’t want to be selling when the market’s already down.  While it’s rising and strong, take profits happily and park it in cash to find some good opportunities that will come (on the same companies) after profit taking bouts come in.  Should they not correct, you should be happy as well since that only means it’s such a strong stock that will not back down – consolidating just back atop.

Bye!  Be wary of earnings results (up or down!)

Faceless Trader


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