Oct 31, 2014 – PSEI 7,215 – Push Up Forces Worked for Bulls Care of Japanese Friends! Arigato!

Net Foreign Buying Php695Mil on Value traded of P8.59 Bil. PSEI closes +44 points to end at 7,215 🙂

Japan boosts QE stimulus, USDJPY currently 111.5 .  Japan’s Nikkei Index rises 4.83% to close at 16,413 or 755.56 points up!  Wowza indeed.

We don’t care much about those index moves now do we?  We look at what happened and where we’ve made money from 🙂


Good thing fundamentalists and traders who bought the casinos no matter how much PSEI dropped past few days didn’t budge.  Foreign Flows Remain Net Buyers on this sector.

Casino Sector

1.) #BLOOM – Nicely trending upwards with a close at 15.52 +2.78%

—> Those with 11 bucks placement price are currently up 40% 😀

2.) City of Dreams Theme Strongly Rewarding Traders and Investors.

Recall that as soon as #MCP gave the 11.30 placement price, many institutions and retail snapped it up?  Well we have #MCP currently at P15.00 🙂  Wowza 😀

32% up from placement and 7% up for those who bought at 14 (which was the first placement price)

#PLC – mejo nahiya pa mag P2.00 pero darating din yan.  Currently P1.94 and above placement price of 1.65 and significantly above the 1.05 lows made ever since it started trading.

#LR, #LRW – not following the entire sector so much but just staying there on top. P9.59 and P3.30 for the mean time.

#BEL – still lagging behind the entire sector at P5.24

3.) Entire casino sector of the Philippines overflowing with buys.  Although I personally would have doubts on this #RWM rally and will likely have resistance at P10.00, not bad for a rise to P9.60


#BLOOM +71/314 (EVEN AT 15.52, that buyer is still buying.  Wow.  Note that foreign buying in #BLOOM was non stop all throughout this correction)

#MCP +58/217 (at 15 bucks)  (Took profits, just too tempted but then again, congrats :D)

#PLC -.03/80M at 1.94


Basura Sector – Nagkaipitan na – One Month Love Affair Over?

As expected, people will take profits from their basura plays.  Ceiling plays followed through in the morning and then quickly got a bout of profit taking. Most pumps were dumped.  We’ll see if next few weeks some basuras can manage to still be bullish.   Fast day traders usually would have exited all positions entirely and call it a good profitable month of basura trading already.

1.) #SFI stands at 0.265 or 3.92% (normally you’d lock in profits at least 1/2 or all depending on your temperament).  Intraday we get people trapped at 27cents to 30 cents.  Check if 30 cents is breached with huge volume, else we’ve got a bout of profit taking and resistances to contend with.  Still that’s a huge run up of almost 100% from the 16 cents to 31 cents in 2 days.    We have resistance in our average price of 28.5 cents and beyond.  Caution advised.  Some possible waterfalls can happen when things breakdown hard from the basura sector.

2.) #MED back to ground zero. This stock closes at 67 cents. or down 16.25%, Basically everyone who bought 70-85 cents are now trapped with a bag.  Check if this can consolidate into a flag.   Average price of buyers today is 74-75 cents so that’s your initial resistance.

3.) #UNI small range doji closing at 55 cents. A break of 50 cents spells trouble.  If it doesn’t break down, then it can consolidate and check if 60 cents current resistance gets breached.

Many small caps gets pumped but doesn’t hold.  We’ll see if it can find buyers next week, anyhow – value traded on all of them are less than P5M so still in the initial stages of pumping

1.) #ION – intraday high of 74 cents but closes 64 cents

2.) #NOW intraday high of 72 cents but closes at 61 cents

3.) #ACE intraday high of 1.44 but closes at 1.30

Pause Days – Still Above their 40 cents levels, still within their bands

If there’s the pISo club, there’s the 50 cent club.

fifty cent

1.) #ZHI – doji with a 0.415 close

2.) #WPI, – doji with a 0.445 close

3.) #PHES – 41 cents

Recent Breakouts and Ceilings to Be

1.) #MRC breaks 16 cents, goes intraday high of 17.8 cents and then closes 16.5 cents. Respectable value traded of P64M

2.) #PA was going well already on its way to its ceiling but profit taking came in too soon.  Intraday high was .067 and closes at .057.  Nevertheless, that’s still an 18.57% pop on value traded of P77M

The #AR_#IS love team?

If the leaders of the basura are consolidating, it spells bad things on the entire sector.  For now, those dojis aren’t a good sign.  Indecision omens.


October 31, 2014 – Month End Dressing all wore push up bras as almost all companies got pushed.

Special Push up Forces still Worked.


Here’s the jack-up moves

1.) #BDO to 98 🙂 +173/465

2.) #JFC to 196 , -19/292

3.) #URC to 186, +69/347

4.) #AC 690 +29/235

5.) #DMC 16.2 +49/106

6.) #JGS 63.8 +80/147

7.) #MPI 5.08 +22/90

8.) #ALI 33.5 -15/358

9.) #MEG 4.96 +177/364

10.) #CEB 73.5 -57/103

11.) #ICT 116 15/187

*Retail Sector Flavor – Watch out if these stocks ratchet up higher.  We have bullish divergences highlighted since October.  Strong accumulation with breakout moves possible.  Earnings coming out + #SSI debut to deliver a halo effect to the sector.

#PGOLD hits 34.80 to close at 34.60, +.6/84M

#RRHI 64 bucks -14/185.3 (This sector is on a bullish divergence accumulation setup.  Be alert and buy them on dips, retests)

#COSCO hits 7.88 intraday and -8/69.  Note that 7.39 is recent low of the year.  😀

Nickel Miners – asleep –

Large cross of 300M shares at 1.72 for #CMT awhile ago as well as the tender offer shares of 0.46

#MARC and #NIKL – sleeping soundly in their consolidation

Telcos – consolidating

#TEL and #GLO 3124 and 1685.  Both in their sleep zones.


After the nice run, we may expect a lot of profit taking or retesting of higher lows.  Hope October was a pleasant month.

Till next time:)

– Faceless Trader


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