Oct.30,2014- 7,170 Reasons to Play Basuras during PSEI at 7,170 Or Just Sleep

The Philippines has 7,170 islands or so they say but the only island that started this all was #IS.  Thanks to one basura stock, everyone now is enigmatic on finding their next #ISland such that we have a vibrant basura market happening in #PSEI.

Admit it or not, everyone’s really trading all the speculative stocks these days.  Yes we had an increase of 77 points to close our PSEI at 7,170.99 but did anyone really care?  Of course not. 🙂


Php660M value traded on a series of basura stocks today.  😀  The Basurero fever is catching the nation.

Here’s what you really cared about:

Basura Stocks:

So we have #UNI, #FPI, #WIN being the leaders yesterday – Let’s see how they fared today:

1.)  #UNI followed through with a high of 70 cents or almost 40% intraday before succumbing to a lot of profit taking after yesterday’s ceiling move to close still at a respectable 13% up at 0.56.  Those who bought at yesterday’s ceiling price of 0.495 still got a good gain today.   This one might still have legs.  Whether it goes up or down, we have a huge range here.

2.) #FPI hit around 20% intraday to about 66 cents (So you had a chance to exit if you wanted to) then closed down at 52 cents or down 1.89%.  Those who bought yesterday’s move probably took profits and moved to the next “ceiling related” plays like #MED or #SFI.

3.) #WIN is down 5% and stayed in a tight range to close at 38 cents. This could either be set up for a flag or already taken profits from. 35 cents must hold else, this one’s a goner.

Today’s Ceiling Plays and Strong Closes are:

1.) #SFI – early in the day this already hit a ceiling and stayed up to close at a ceiling high of 0.255 (Value Traded is Php130M)

2.) #MED sizzled in the afternoon trading closing 33% up at 80 cents.  Value traded stands at Php42M

3.) #AR bullish flag goes up in the afternoon and manages a 9% close to 0.0095 with value traded at Php83M

Although these stocks aren’t getting covered by basureros too much, we’ll talk about them as well: 

1.) #SPH closes 3% up at 2.51 and is at 52 week highs.  It’s been steadily crawling up with buy backs here and there. We may have a slow crawl upward here or get a parabolic zoom.  Cross fingers. Value traded is Php 3.5M

2.) #ZHI flew in the afternoon with a close of 0.415 or 7.79% up.  Value traded is Php9M

3.) #SGI – no volumes yet but hit 1.40.  Value traded is just P1.35M – place on watch.

4.) #PHA failed at the 70 cent mark and closes at 65 cents with value traded of P33M

5.) #BSC hits up 7% to close at .305 (Value traded P3M)


6.) #EG hits 14% up to close at 16 cents

Low Risk?

1.) Maybe #NOW at 60 cents? 1.69% up

2.) #MG at 43 cents 8% up

3.) #ION at 64 cents , 1.59% up

Seriously there’s just so many basuras.  Here’s an excel list based on their market cap.  You can look them all up.



#PSEI Mover is #JGS with a strong close of 63.80.  All the foreign money that bought #JGS all through out are basking at all time new highs.  Value traded is Php267M

psei mover


#MCP followed through with a 2.99% up today to close 14.50 (Placement buyers at 14 and 11.30 see themselves investing with City of Dreams richer as they hold on.)


There’s one ingredient in basuras.  All of them are below P2 Bil market cap. The ceilings are all below P1Bil.  Backdoor or whatever story but this basura witch hunt is going to a lot of small caps (micro caps.)

– Faceless Trader


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3 Responses to Oct.30,2014- 7,170 Reasons to Play Basuras during PSEI at 7,170 Or Just Sleep

  1. Zak says:

    Indeed, Basura stocks are the trend these days. Just out of curiosity. What application did you use in the charts above?


  2. that’s technistock charts.


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