Oct 29, 2014 – Sana ARaw ARaw May Basura?

Value traded is Php7.25 Bil.  Hottest sector remains basura sector and the casinos.

Hot Momentum Moves:

1.) #UNI had the first move early in the day and closed at ceiling. 0.495 +50% up – Value traded Php120M

2.) #FPI and #WIN followed in the afternoon , closing .53 +27.7% up and 0.40 +17.65% respectively.  Value traded 59M and 51M respectively.

Nice Charts Next?

1.) #PHA 0.67 or 8% up

pha chart to continue higher

2.) #WPI next? 5% up 0.42

wpi chart next

3.) #PHES – watch if previous resistance can be met and broken

phes to break out

4.) #MRC on watch


5.) #VITA – watch



Basura Leaders Pause?

1.) #AR pauses

ar pause

2.) #IS pause or that is it?

is pause

City of Dreams Strong Theme 

1.) #PLC still strong.  We’ll see if 2 is resistance.

plc continues

2.) #MCP breaks previous placement price of P14.00


3.) #LR and #LRW tandem both strong as well.  It remains to be seen whether we are seeing the short term highs for all the City of Dreams related companies, but any dips have remained buys.

There’s a 13M share cross on #LR at 9.50


Even #LRW has broken 3.20 to trek an all time high of 3.33 8% up today.

lrw rises further

4.) #BEL @ 5 holds and just stays there. It hasn’t followed the sector’s strength.  This is the laggard amongst all the COD related stocks.



Retailers Rally Anticipating Good IPO Debut of #SSI?

#PGOLD hits an intraday high of 34.20, closes 33.75 (Vomit Accumulation) Value Traded 124 M pesos

#COSCO hits intraday high of 7.72 and closes 7.50 (Vomit Accumulation) Value Traded 90 M pesos

#RRHI stays afloat at P64 , Value Traded 73 M

(Pardon didn’t cover entire market.  I’m leaving – got **X things to do)

-Faceless Trader


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