Oct 20,2014 – Book review : Chip & Dan Heath’s “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard”


Recently, my body doesn’t seem to need a ton of sleeping hours. I wake up at weird times. Right now, i woke up 4am. I slept maybe 11:30pm. I was thinking of resuming and dozing myself to sleep but since my mom cleaned up my room and made me recognize how many unread books I have in my stash, I just picked up a book. I bought this 2010. It collected dust. It’s year 2014. I grabbed and It kept me up and just by reading the first 20 pages- the first chapter. I was already hooked, to the point that I was scribbling notes and actually doing my own “Change and Switch” list of my own.

***** warning and caution- this is a book that can change your life- and I’m not hyping it. *****

For example of the direct results; I started to get two things done:
1) don’t forget to bring my passbook so that I can deposit tomorrow , pay bills, fund my mutual fund and have additional balance. Don’t procrastinate. Finish it (ala tekken)

2.) organized my own chaotic cabinet, found things I thought I lost and fixed them. I am very forgetful that’s why I have to thank my mom for being a neat “freak.” She organized my room and cleaned up my stuff. I found my old USB, my owl bracelet, my owl necklace and I also learned how I forgot to take care not just my room but myself. I was so engrossed perhaps with the markets (which isn’t right), I forget the times to put some time for reading non-market related stuff as well as my body. I have gained weight so I had to create specific steps so that the old clothes can still fit me. (Going to weddings made me realize that I have few options on my dresses because I became in other words fat. My 2010 body and 2014 body doesn’t match and i either buy more clothes or reduce. I choose the reduce option.)










Best line:
To change behavior you have to

direct the rider, motivate the elephant and shape the path.

After the first chapter:
This is my new goal
1.) 100,000 lives goal – a support group for financial reform and freedom
2.) faceless trader Live! dedicate a possible session where we can interact like a radio podcast.
3.) write the article for ofws and non-Manila Filipinos who want to invest in philequity
4.) answer online requests
5.) read SSI and write about it later



– faceless trader feels refreshed. Heads back to bed for maybe 1hour sleep before waking up to go to work 😉

Good morning


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  1. Ninja Moves says:

    Really nice blog. Very informative. Pero panget ng sulat.


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