Oct 9, 2014 – Dozing Off.

Up DJIA +274, anyone excited?  Nah.  All markets just use the rally to keep on selling and raising cash.  Whether it’s a winner or a loser, cash just is king.  Crash scenario to be a welcome pull back at 7000s or whenever the foreign selling gets distributed and passed on to more people.  We have Php 500M selling today.  This will be a recurring day to day reality – perhaps foreign selling everyday until end of year already.

Only Two Stocks Capture Good Buying Interest

#MER and #PCOR

#MER breaks 260 to close at 265 on announcement of possible 0.10/kwh rate increases on November +22/283

#PCOR breaks 12 (no news but accumulation ongoing for many months now)  +65/132


Recipe for Pullbacks – Big Cap Conglomerates Must Be Sold and Indeed They Are Top Sold:

The Giants Get Sold

#AC -208/457; #SM -127/202; #TEL -216/871

Andrew Tan Doesn’t Get Sold (interesting, but then again, no one is immune on a broad market drop)

#AGI +43/218; #MEG +30/259

Other Conglomerates Also Sold

#DMC -76/425

Nickel Loses Luster (Sleeping Period) 

#NIKL -64/96 (23-B shows CFO Manny Samson selling 2 Mil shares on Sept 30 and Oct 1 from 43.85-46.55)

#MARC +1/22

Retail Sold Down But Bargain Hunting Comes

#PGOLD -44/53  33 price tag holds despite strong foreign selling.  Basing period but could consolidate for a long time, unless foreign selling is taken out as well as Robinsons Retail.

#RRHI -11/69 – Shows resilience amidst lesser signs of foreign selling.  Bounces from 60 low and closes at 61.40

Gaming Still Strong (Might be on its last leg push, take profits)

#BLOOM +71/195

#MCP -2/58

#LR +1.5/8.9


#BDO is champ with 99 price tag +76/206

#MBT +7/603 at 86 (Large volumes and some determined buyers now)

#BPI and #SECB both have little volumes in their consolidation stages ( -7/57 and -4.9/38.9 respectively)


Both Consumers Also Get Sold and Other Power Stocks Also Get Sold


Dozing off,

Faceless Trader


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