July 13,2014- Life is What We Make It by Peter Buffett

Highlights from the book 😉

1.) Economic prosperity may come and go; that’s just how it is. But values are the steady currency that earn us the all-important rewards of self respect and peace of mind.

2.) Our values guide our choices; our choices define who we are. Life is what we make it.

3.) Economic reality for good or ill plays a big role in the dynamic as does pure dumb luck. This is our greatest burden and greatest opportunity. Will we choose the path of least resistance or path of potentially greatest satisfaction? Will we open ourselves to robust and candid relationships? In our work lives, will we settle for making a living or aim at the highest goal of earning a life? How do we become worthy of the gifts we have received and will we learn the redemptive art of giving back?

4.) The silver spoon in the mouth often becomes the silver dagger in the back as an ill considered gift saps the ambition and drains motivation. It deprives a young person of the great adventure of finding his or her own way.

5.)Book of Luke: ” To whom much is given, much is expected.” It’s very clear that the most important gifts have nothing to do with money. These were gifts of parental love and close community and warm friendship, of inspiring teachers and mentors who took delight in our development. There were mysterious gifts of talent and competence, capacity for empathy and hard work. These gifts were meant to be respected and repaid.

6.) diversity is the spice of life. Embrace diversity to make our own lives richer. Keep eyes open. Nice people come in all colors.

7.) none was right and none was wrong. They were human and therefore approximate and incomplete attempts to connect with the Divine. Religion should make people allies in their shared quest for meaning and transcendence

8.) importance of open mindedness- one should always show respect to other people and dissenting opinions. One should always try to understand the opposite of an argument. Grasping an opposing view has a way of sharpening the mind. No one wins a conversation and no one loses. Discussions are purposes to exchange ideas and gauge merits of different points of view. If anything, the person who loses the battle of words has actually won since he or she has learned more from the transaction.

9.) we must try to learn about everything. Keep curiosity stoked. The essence of good work ethic starts with meeting a challenge of self discovery , finding something you love to do, so that work even or especially difficult becomes joyful , maybe even sacred.

10,) the myth of the level playing field – like perfect circle or perfect anything, the level playing field is only in the realm of thought and Platonic ideals. Real life isn’t tidy. There’s always people with fancier credentials and better placed contacts and those who lack those advantages. None of this is fair or right: but there’s a silver lining here- the recognition that playing field isn’t level should motivate us to do all we can to make it closer to level.

11.) no two people have exactly the same advantages and disadvantages. Besides it all depends what you make of it. Shift your course a little and eventually the headwind becomes a tailwind. Keep pluggin and eventually the sun that’s in your eyes will be at your back. It doesn’t matter so much where you start in life. It matters where you go.


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One Response to July 13,2014- Life is What We Make It by Peter Buffett

  1. Carl says:

    i wish i was also a buffett :))


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