July 7, 2014 – Triple 7s

7/7/2007+7 = 7000 PSEI

This is the first day we actually reached this level since April 2013. Assuming you’ve still got cash, what are your best bets in this PSEI 7000?

Well, to put it bluntly, there will be short term ups and downs but the longer term trajectory is up (barring any significant Black Swans.)

Let’s try a very simple filter. 7000 PSEI last April 2013 and 7000 PSEI this July 2014 – Which companies have not yet met their previous highs and are unwarranted? At the same time, which companies have already met and even exceeded their previous highs (i.e. the leaders in this overall rally) so that any pullback in these strong horses – provided their momentum is valid with earnings growth, can be bought or added on pullback entries?

Here’s what you do 🙂

Here are prices of PSEI last April 2013 (Average Value Turnover of More than P10M)

Here are prices of PSEI this July 2014 (Average Value Turnover of More than P10M)

Here are the companies that have lagged and have EPS growth of more than 15% going forward.

I hope this simple filter will help you out 🙂

– To be continued, I’ll gather complete data when the day ends –

7000 PSEI is meaningless to be called expensive if there are companies trading way below their PSEI 7000 levels which exhibit more than 20%-30% growth for some of them. 😛
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One Response to July 7, 2014 – Triple 7s

  1. Carl says:

    blind buy, profit high hahahaha


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