April 1, 2014 – Opening an account with Faceless Trader

Hello to everyone,

My name is Nikki Yu and I blog with the moniker “Faceless Trader.”  Previously, I blogged with a different nickname “Dimsum Trader.” The old blog still exists (its http://www.dimsumtrader.wordpress.com).    I currently work for a brokerage firm called Wealth Securities and I essentially work in the sales team sharing trading ideas for clients I handle (so not all clients of Wealth – but only a few).  We have many sales brokers in the firm so our ideas may sometimes clash with each other, despite being in the same firm.  All’s fair since there are many heads inside the firm and we allow for differences of opinions.   Just like any other firm, our commission charge is 0.25% which is an industry standard. 

We also have a mutual fund called Philequity Fund which is managed by our boss Wilson Sy.  He’s been the only one deciding this for the past 19 years.  Since 1994, the fund has averaged a CAGR of 19+%.  Current NAVPS is above P31.00

Each sales broker has different terms with their clients, so it is better to really drop by our office if you’re interested.  Consultation with us is free of charge.  We’ll help you whether an account with Philequity fund or opening an account with Wealth online or Wealth (traditional) is better for you.  I know this might sound crazy but P5,000 is all you need for opening an account with Philequity fund.  P10,000 for online and as for me, P60,000 for every single trade for any broker assisted trades- Wealth traditional accounts average around P2M in their portfolio.  Note that broker assisted trades have a P150 fixed charge such that it makes sense to have a minimum trade of P60,000 –>  (60,000*0.25% = 150)

If you’re a person who basically trades (quite frequently) – then having a traditional broker may benefit you, as the speed and multiple execution of buying and selling will benefit you.

Else, if you’re here mostly for longer term – I think the Philequity fund is best. 

Our office address is:

2104 East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas Pasig City

Contact Number – Direct- 689-8005 (Call only after trading hours for opening account inquires) – preferably 4pm onwards

Contact number – Mobile – 0917-8046366

Thanks 🙂







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4 Responses to April 1, 2014 – Opening an account with Faceless Trader

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Ms. Nikki. I’m writing on behalf of my brother who is in the US. He’s interested to know more about services that ur company offers and the required documentation for opening an account with Philequity. He/we have visited the PHILEQUITY website, but, would love to have more info from you and advise which investment program would suit him best. You can reach us on karen_m_rivera@yahoo.com and zandro_m_rivera@yahoo.com Maraming salamat!


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