August 7, 2013 – The McDonalds of the Philippines


Actually since all of these are simply public data. No harm if you want to share since i’m not doing anything but tabulating data in an easier readable form. It’s nothing but just facts which makes it better.


Now if you’re into the opinions:

Here’s mine:

Been reading its latest quarterly results and bongga ang kanyang earnings kaya kahit na 162 si chicken joy, kaya nyang madefend and majustify ung valuation niya. Gross profit margin of 7.8% for the 2Q13 is highest in 8 quarters. Anyway, I’d show the revenue growth in geographical either later or tomorrow pero bongga nga si JFC.

And the cash dividends of 2 pesos for this sept 16 ex date is mejo nice considering 2.20 per share lang binayad niya last 2012 and 1.07 last 2011. May pera at cashflow sila dahil 60% historically ng earnings binibigay nila- kaya rin siguro si JFC di bumabagsak kasi panay longterm na lahat ng mga may hawak nito…FYI 2013 – 35 years na sa industry si manong jabee

Mahal siya depending on your estimated earnings .  If you annualize 160 pesos sa 1H13 results niya 40X 2013 P/E annualized. Considering the global same store network sales growth of 5.5%, and a margin of 7.8% (versus only 6% historically) kapag nareplicate ni jabee sa 3Q and 4Q ung margin improvement, baka ma-rerate sila. Pinakamalakas na growth sa kanila ung south east asia and middle east na 33.4% YOY (in terms of sales) versus 12.6% (for philippines which is already astounding considering 9-10% lang yan dati). The reason – you’re eating more daw. Higher volume purchases and higher customer visits.

Oh well. fastfood nation – supersize me it is. If you are obese—then most probably you hav been visiting JFC or KFC or Mcdo Frequently. Just for comparison, i checked AGI’s latest data and as of FY2012- 375 stores ang McDonalds in pinas and they’re gonna expand that to 500 by 2015.

Ang longterm vision ng Jollibee is to have 4000 stores globally by 2020 .

So ayun lang. napaka- alpha alpha nitong JFC versus PSEI kasi wala syang correction at 52 week high lang ng 52 week high despite the pinas going down to 6400 from 7400. Iyan ang Amazing Aloha ni JFC.


(This will be updated tomorrow with more “nothing but just facts.”)



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2 Responses to August 7, 2013 – The McDonalds of the Philippines

  1. olee says:

    i share your admiration for JFC


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