June 30, 2013 – Trainwreck – My Life as an Idoit by Jeff Nichols

I found this book on Booksale for P115.  I’ve always been pulled like a forcefield to bargains and memoirs who were candid about life’s realities which was why I picked up the book.

In the epilogue, he writes the following:

One thing I’ve learned and can pass along, for a chronic slob there’s a better remedy than ritalin: get a girlfriend.  My girlfriend today (and I hope, the same one when you are reading this) never said clean up your act or I am leaving; she was completely nonjudgmental.  She would say stuff nicely like: ” Maybe next time you could take the trash out of your car so I don’t have to sit in trash.”  I got the hint.

My grandfather, at ninety, was on his deathbed and in and out of dementia.  To the amazement of the hospice people, he would still try to get out of bed to brush his teeth.  The habit was so ingrained.  Aware that he would die soon, he knew the importance of self-preservation and self-respect.  Once I helped him on an epic journey to the bathroom.  It took about twenty minutes to get to the door.  He was in pain at every step but he kept saying “I have got to keep trying.” So I say that sometimes, when I don’t feel like cleaning my room and I hate myself, I have got to keep trying to be a person, a person who gives a shit about things and other people’s things.

Now with a wonderful girlfriend, Kara, at stake, it is like I am literally fighting for my life.  I force my carcass out of bed, sometimes falling on the floor, to stagger to brush my teeth (which will soon be “tooth” if I don’t get proper dental care).  Then to my amazement, I find myself reaching for the dental floss.  Now I wash the dishes before I go to bed.  Let me tell you slobs out there: it is a great feeling going to bed knowing your room is clean and the dishes are done.  Really!  It takes work but everything in life involves momentum.  Once you start to clean, you keep doing it; you like it.  Sometimes after fishing all day, my instinct is to lie in bed in reeking fish-soiled clothing and just fall asleep.  But I start the process of taking my dirty clothes off and putting them in a hamper.  A hamper!!  That, other than discovering viagra and GPS is the biggest breakthrough in my recent life.

Awhile back some girl took one look at my room and said very calmly: you need a hamper for your dirty clothes.  Brilliant!!!  Three years later, I got a hamper at Kmart and changed my life.  (It takes time to let things sink in, but when you are in enough pain and dysfunction you will change.)  I no longer have clothes haphazardly strewn across my floor.  I no longer have to wonder if I have ejaculated on a shirt the night before!  Look, I will never be a neat person, it’s just not in the cards – but I can be a functioning person.

Today if you look at my wallet (something I never carried.)  I have a valid driver’s license, a credit card and a library card.  I return books on time not because I have to but because I want to.  In this book, I have poked fun at AA, but what they say is true, “God is in the details and if you take care of the small things in life, the big things take care of themselves.”  Hallelujah.  

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If you need a daily dose of honesty and drug abuse , just read his memoir.  🙂

Here’s the real man himself – http://jeff-nichols.com/

Other quotable quotes from him:  “I don’t like it when I hear people romanticize the past. “


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