May 19, 2013 – Things I Will Do Before I Hit 30

I’ve always written things I want to do, or things I need to do.  Instead of that, I figured I’d just be more positive and write about things that I will do before I turn 30.  It will be a short list, but at least I will do them.  I’m hesitant to write so many things because I’d rather have it short but done rather than long but left unfinished.

Things I Will Do Before 30

1.) I will have my own passive income via rentals  (already signed one so I just have to muster my payments for the next 4 years. got it.)

2.) I will write a book (either a memoir, a novel, a children’s book with illustrations, a comic book – anything  but I will write one) – It may or may not be published but the important thing is that I will write.

3.) I will fit into a size 6.  (Currently size 10 so I will reduce my weight via Insanity workout and less rice. – working on it.)

4.) I will write more in my blog.  I will help more people who are in love and passionate with the markets by writing about my own observations, books related to the markets and possibly other endeavors.  Stuffs I find interesting and neat to read et al.


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One Response to May 19, 2013 – Things I Will Do Before I Hit 30

  1. sunjun79 says:

    Great goals FT. You can do it!


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