May 1, 2013 – The People We Follow and The People We Listen To + Seth Godin Antics

As time goes by, it becomes easier to filter the noise in the markets.  It’s easy to shut off a lot of things when you know the people to follow and the people to listen to. The people that you should listen to are the ones who have two characteristics – listen to humble people and listen to people who are listeners themselves.

1.) When an arrogant person is successful, people frequently become angry with that person. At best, it isn’t always a positive thing. However, when a humble person is successful, people often are glad for that person. Thus, it is much easier to gain others’ cooperation by being humble than by being arrogant.

Secondly, it is much easier to learn from others by being humble. By learning from others, you can bypass having to learn through experience, which is a lot like a “short cut” in life.


2.) Most people passively listen. They’re interested, but it’s just part of a conversation. Really listening to someone takes more than just listening. It takes understanding. It takes observation of the person you’re listening to. Knowing when to ask questions and give advice, and when to just be quiet and just listen to every word. 

When someone confides in you and knows you’ll be there to listen when they really need it, that’s the beginning of amazing friendships and relationships where you’re not only lovers, but also the best of friends.

Everyone needs someone to just listen. 


***** (I took the 1 and 2 bullet point from a Quora questionnaire about what people think are the most important soft skills and I liked those two answers best.)

Let me share some more good stories to you.  
“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” – Walter Lippmann
In an article entitled “Bird, Fish or Fird” from The Idea Book by Fredrik Haren
an idea is one or more old ideas combined to form something new.  There are very few ideas that are not, in fact, a combination of earlier ideas.  Can you even think of an idea that is not a mixture of at least two earlier ones?
We need to recognize that we normally hate “plagiarists” or copycats like the type that Sen Tito Sotto did but we should also recognize that most of the great ideas in this world actually do not come from one individual but from many participants.  We relish creative people who dare to go forward with their ideas as original, but it serves to realize that ideas are not as original as one may think.  It’s the way the ideas are executed, communicated and interpreted that may differ that makes one idea “fresh and new” rather than “boring and ancient.”

Lastly, let’s all try to explain and defend why we are greedy and doing more despite a May 1 labor day holiday.  Seth Godin (I super love him) writes it briefly and very neatly.

“I’m making money, why do more?”

Because more than you need to makes it personal.

Because work that belongs to you, by choice, is the first step to making art.

Because the choice to do more brings passion to your life and it makes you more alive.

Because if you don’t, someone else will, and in an ever more competitive world, doing less means losing.

Because you care.

Because we’re watching.

Because you can. 
I attached pictures from Seth Godin on his ABC book- I like the J,K,M and N so I inserted them too.  During a trip to Fully Booked, the entire book is so easy to read so I just sat and finished it.  It’s just like a children’s book so very easy to read..  It’s a nice gift to your friends or just a nice inspirational book to yourself.  I just used my phone to take pictures on my fave alphabet letters 🙂  
Sharpen your edges – that’s what a knife is for. 

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