April 20,2013 – The Three Kinds of Men

Hello Faceless Trader readers!

It’s been a long time since I last posted.  Was it 3 months or even more? I haven’t really been hibernating.  I was just too busy catering to our pool of clients (in the firm that I work) that made updating my blog too difficult to keep up anymore. I miss my blog and I hope my readers missed me too!

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First Things First:

1.) Understandably, Philippines is in a bull market and I’m happy that everyone’s happy.  However, a couple of things to note:

Read this: http://blogs.reuters.com/felix-salmon/2013/03/07/why-analysts-should-not-be-investors-andy-zaky-edition/

With the onslaught of newsletters giving advisory recommendations, I just wanted to shout out that all the readers should still not undermine the risk on each recommendation.  Yes, we are in a bull market and sometimes abandoning all risk makes you aggressive giving you a lot of gains.  However, evaluate all decisions via risk/reward.  The risks become less only when one learns more about what one is getting into (Is the company being advertised to me to buy – a really good company that’s earning and still cheap?  Or has something already changed and I’m just being polarized by the entity talking to me?)  A lot of people can say that we’ve made such a great call on this and that et al.  You would have made 10% or 25% in just 2 days or a week had you followed us but smart investors and traders would know that these things really do not have to be told.  I would just simply say – Credit Suisse, ValueQuest and Deutsche brokerage firm bought massive amounts of AGI as it fell at 19.40-20.00 levels.  Billions of pesos  They’re now up 25% at least, and it’s more important for clients to realize why these firms bought a lot.  Learn how people make massive contrarian bets like that.  In the face of all the sellers, they stood their ground and bought not just a few hundreds of millions but billions.  StarAlliance bought a lot of BDO at 83.00.  There are many victories to speak of, and the truth is that those who make the most don’t even do the talking.  People just see that they’re making money and the observant traders know it, follow the smart money and make money themselves.

Kings, Ansaldo, Bennett, Tower, Sun, Abacus,Astra, SB-Eqty, RCBC, A_and_A,Goldstar, Mandarin,  COL Financial, Wealth.  Each brokerage firm has their own winners.  There’s too many to mention.   I do not even need to expound.  

A great quote I’ve read is the following:

“There are three kinds of men.  The one that learns by reading.  The few who learn by observation.  The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” – Will Rogers

Have a Great Day!

– Faceless Trader


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