Nov 16,2012 – Pardon for lack of updates –

Good afternoon “Faceless Trader” blog readers,

Sorry if I have not been able to update my blog, as sometimes I get too bogged down with my work (i.e. serving my own clients’ interests by updating them with news and trading ideas).  If you want me to include you in the daily mailing list and my commentaries, here’s what you have to do:

1.) Open an online account with our brokerage firm.

2.) Open a traditional account with me or my fellow colleagues at Wealth Securities. (Call up  directly at 689-8005) and I’ll be glad to help you out and explain how we do things around here. Preferably not during market hours – Make calls after 4pm.

3.) Email me for inquiries at, (and I’ll quickly add you up).

I seldom check my email so it’s best to email me in both addresses.


Notwithstanding the fact that this blog is for public reading, I will continue writing here in this blog but I cannot just simply update it every single time, nor assure of a weekly newsletter for obvious reasons- too much work, and research commentaries will only be sent to clients for complete alignment of interests.)  In any case, this blog is not a blog commentary of stocks for whichever brokerage firm I work for.  It only serves as a place where the author speaks his/her mind out. All opinions are Faceless Trader’s opinion alone.   This blog will continue to be updated on great articles, great books related to the investments side and still be about a faceless trader’s journey to being an elite trader.  It will still be an archive of useful stuffs.  No worries. Thank you.


– Faceless Trader


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One Response to Nov 16,2012 – Pardon for lack of updates –

  1. shoyu says:

    just rock on! FT! .. no worries 🙂


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