Sept 16, 2012- Public Awareness Infographics – The GoLPG Alternative

I am not a hard core environmentalist.  If SMPH had to pave paradise to put a parking lot, a mall and shops for people to buy their stuffs from, I didn’t even blink an eye, and told my friends to support the developer in the expansion plans.

However, not withstanding that I’m pro-capitalism, I also want to make the public more aware of several simple news articles that make a lot of impact in each Filipino’s life.  So even if I have just 298 readers in my blog, I am already happy enough to devote a few minutes of my time in picking up the best information in this article, putting it in a simple infographic, and making more Filipinos aware why “Switching to LPG or liquified petroleum gas works.” – simply from a financial and health perspective.

You can read the whole article here:

Every single time I devote an infographic or write a blog post, I have to spend less time studying a company, updating a financial model, watching a UAAP game, an HBO series et al or just simply bumming around 🙂  The reason I do what I do, is because I fervently believe that most Filipinos just lack a simple understanding of financial concepts, and sometimes even common-cents perhaps due to no information.  (Hence, my category title is “A Little Common Cents Corner”) .

Thus, when I have time to write, I try to do so in an engaging manner.  Please feel free to share any article, or blogpost.  Maybe in the future, I’ll team up with a few passionate individuals who also would try to help uplift the Filipino public in making business articles more understandable to the common Filipino who just wants a better life.  Get ready for possible more infographics in the future 😀

A good educator/mentor/coach’s responsibility is to amplify drive and nurture dreams.  I hope that my simple blog, helped you in furthering your personal journey to being more inclined to know simple concepts about your own financial investments, not merely in stocks, but your overall asset, career, relationships and life  allocation (your house, your expenditures, et al).

– Faceless Trader


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2 Responses to Sept 16, 2012- Public Awareness Infographics – The GoLPG Alternative

  1. Diego says:

    You bet your blog helps me! Keep it up!


  2. LPG is good but I think electric vehicle is the next big thing. In fact, besides from Makati, there are already e-jeepneys in Ortigas, Palawan and in some compounds.

    Looking forward to your team who will be educating the Filipino. ^_^


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