Sept 16, 2012 – Inspirations: Seth Godin – Stop Stealing Dreams

Last February 27, 2012, I found the link from Seth Godin’s blog to read his education manifesto: What is school for? (Click the link to get to the free download). is ready to read and share

It is a must read.   I found the time to highlight below a few of my favorite lines.

The book is basically divided into many snippets with numbers instead of chapters.  They read as a collection of several blog posts, and is one that forces you to reflect, think and then act.

Here are the exact numbers of my favorite parts:



#5 Column A and Column B (I got inspired so I made simple Photoshop images on the main ideas)

#35 Denying Opportunities for Greatness

#27: The Decision


I’ll try to work on the rest later when I have time, as I’ve got to go to church, and attend to other things.

Hope I tickled your fancies, and get to read the book too.  It’s short and sweet, just like how Mr. Seth Godin always posts in his blog.  Subscribe to his ideas.  It’s free and very valuable.

– Faceless Trader


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