August 27, 2012- Revelations + Updates on September 1 Seminar:D

The book of Revelations is the final book in the New Testament.  According to Wikipedia, revelation is the revealing or disclosing of some form of truth or knowledge through supposed communications with a deity or other supernatural entities.

So anyway, a friend disclosed to me that I’ve revealed myself online a few months back, and I don’t know if I really did haha.  Still though, I guess I’ve got nothing much to hide.  In case you want to connect with me, the fastest way of doing so is via — the following:

Other than my blog (which I haven’t updated with worthy posts, and which I’ll try to do asap)—

Here’s how you can find me:

1.) My Email Addresses: – Email me at my personal mail or blog mail – it’s or

(Please respect that I read a lot of emails, so send me messages only if you think necessary.  Do not flood my emails with nonsense.  It’s already filled with lots of non-sense hehehe. Only quality posts please. 🙂

If you want a reply asap – just email me straight at, I read my inbox regularly, though not every mail.

2.) My Facebook pages:

Just search for Faceless Trader and Nikki Yu.  Those are one and the same person.  I just try to share random stuffs. 🙂

My notifications normally zoom past 90.  I don’t know why Facebook notifies me with every blip and beep and clickety click of everyone’s riots, but anyway, I guess it’s okay.


3.) I have twitter both for myself and for facelesstrader but I rarely use them –  I use them only when I follow certain people at times.  I’m not yet hooked on my twitter.  Yes.  I know I’m missing out.  I use it mainly when I need to search tweets.  These are my handles: @yu_nikki and @Facelesstrader

– Okie-

– Faceless Trader


(Last couple of months ago, I can’t even remember when, I posted and asked who wanted to attend a simple seminar hosted by the company I work with – for an introduction to the stock markets.  Please let me know by this Wednesday August 29, 2012 on who wants to come.  I think I can get as much as 10-20 attendees from my end.  So far, if my count is right, I have gotten 3-4 registered participants.  )

Ah! I now remember the post – Unkept secrets of making money in the markets –

Email me at to confirm your attendance, or any of those who want to attend.  Yep, It’s free.

It’s a seminar made entirely for people who are beginners or relatively new in the stock markets. thanks. 🙂



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4 Responses to August 27, 2012- Revelations + Updates on September 1 Seminar:D

  1. shoyu says:

    i think ull have ur 20 participants in no time


  2. Seth says:

    I thought you were a guy based on your writing style.


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