August 26, 2012- Failure Series -Coping with Business Failures

I had lost my source of income. I was on the hook for millions in personal guarantees I had signed in order to fuel our expansion. I was at risk of losing my home. And I was dealing with a press that had, as the press usually does, gotten the entire story wrong. And no one was sending flowers. Or calling.

No, death is much easier.

There is no particular lesson here beyond these. I haven’t lost my daring or my enthusiasm for life or business. But it would be inauthentic to say that the loss doesn’t hurt deeply, even ten years later.

It feels fitting to convey to readers here that the unthinkable can happen, and it is not something they prepare you for in business school. So, make sure you have a good therapist in your court if you’re an entrepreneur out on the cutting edge. The therapist won’t cut and run. And she may well keep the “everything” you lose from including your sanity. Perhaps more. It’s serious business, losing a business.

Rob Thomas – Let it go – 🙂

Also try to listen to Mr. Charlie Hoehn at Tedx – He can give a really good inspirational talk not just for people on a path to college but for everyone who hasn’t given up on education (the real kind)

Watch Curtis Golden surprise you with his Candyman 😛

– Faceless Trader


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