August 6, 2012- Recommended Movies To Watch

When it comes to finding some inspiration – check out the following movies

1.) Michael Jackson’s This is It (2009) – The movie will show you why Michael Jackson IS Michael Jackson.  Every person who excelled in his career, will always be more hardworking, more innovative, a better musician, a better dancer, someone who’d put in more every single time and that’s what you essentially see in this movie.  See how he prepared for his concert, and you’ll understand why Michael Jackson has a lot of fans – and why he’ll always have that staying power.  One cannot inspire simply with a great voice or a great dance, you need public charisma, powerful work ethics and excellent performances to do so.  That’s Michael Jackson.

2.) Searching for Bobby Fischer  (1993/4)- This is a movie about Joshua Waitzkin and his dad.  A child shows fast learning processes as a kid, and the story is about how his dad tried to nurture that ability early on in life.  This film was based on a book written by the dad.  It’s not just about chess.  This movie is about work ethics and how much you have to put into if you want to really be on top of your game.

3.) HBO New Series – The Newsroom –

I just watched 5 episodes from the first season.  I don’t know how to explain except that I just simply love everyone in here.  Definitely not the kind of series that’s easy to understand, but this is the kind of series that you’ll love.  Aaron Sorkin – is really – one hell of a writer, script writer, producer and director.


Everyone’s got greatness inside of them.  If one looks at pictures on the Olympics, you can see people showing their greatness in sports, and imagine just how much time and effort they’ve put into who they are today.

It’s really astonishing, and God is really a great God.  He’s always relished on the people’s ability to become greater than what they thought they can only be. (I’m an optimist by nature)

Seek to find your boundless greatness and never forget to find God in whatever space/time/place you are currently in.


Faceless Trader 🙂


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