July 14, 2012- How Crazy Passion Helps Each One of Us + Loving Jennifer Cheung And More

How difficult has it been turning your love of home baking into a business?

Any entrepreneur will tell you, starting and running a business is not easy, especially one in Food & Beverage. You run into problems and challenges that no textbook, classroom and any previous experience can either really prepare you for or teach you what to do. But at the end of the day, when you’re crazy about what you do, it’s just not that much hard work. So while it might still be manically stressful at times, the passion you have for the content inspires you to move forward. – Jennifer cheung


I don’t normally work maniac 100+ work week hours.  Investment bankers do.  I think I know a few people who do.  Does that make me lazy?

Hmm… I realized though…that when I get home, the first thing on my mind is still reading news and disclosures.

It’s a Saturday, and the first website I went checking in was http://www.pse.com.ph and reading inquirer.net

I was going to read financial statements to understand the possible numbers for a buyout offer on Swift reported by Inquirer last July 12 (whether just as a personal exercise or such.)

Then it dawned on me… hmmm, I guess I probably work 100+ work hours without even knowing it.

Anyway, I don’t love to call what I do as work.  I just love reading about people’s success stories, their failures and whatsoever.  I don’t have the passion for the stock markets just for myself.  I think it’s crazy uplifting to help clients make money.  There’s a different feeling of knowing that one has been able to make others richer.  Of course, losses are part of the game, so we cut losses as well when we do.

Anyway, today I woke up and listened again to Ms. Jennifer Cheung of HK’s Sift Cupcakes.

She’s a Super Girl!  I super love her. She’s an investment banker who became a cupcake baker.

Read the following articles to know why I’m super loving her (and btw I haven’t even tasted her cupcakes yet!)


http://hk.asia-city.com/city-living/article/executive-decisions – for people at career crossroads, this can help

http://siftdesserts.blogspot.com/ – the small cupcake business that is getting raves from all over asia and now expanding to 4 stores!  Take them to Manila Jennifer! 🙂


I’ve got friends who went into the following business paths – Kada is a clothing brand similar to Tom’s shoes.  For each shirt you buy, they make a child go to school.  Hence their tagline is wear it forward.  I didn’t think my friend A. S. will be the entrepreneurial , philanthropist type but he is and he and his team are doing great things in helping kids get to school. Nice!


Jay Jaboneta and Dr. Anton Mari Lim, another friends of mine have made their lives concentrated on the Yellow Boat School of Hope. In September, Jay will be going to Acumen Fund Fellowship.  Kudos!  Both of them are working hard, very successful in their chosen paths and choose to give it back to the country.


Noreen Bautista, is part of the social entrepreneurship path presented by Gawad Kalinga’s Center for Social Innovation.  Google this girl.  She’s crazy all over doing bags out of hyacinth water lilies.


I’ve got lots of other amazing friends and I love them all. 🙂


End of the day, I just want my friends to follow their dreams.

The sooner you admit that money is a tool to make the world a better place, the better you will live.

Invest in relationships. Invest in GROWING and EARNING businesses (thereby companies giving more jobs to people).  Invest in REAL performances and not fictitious numbers.

Invest always “in good company”. 

*intentional ung in good company. I’m not barok english grammar.

In Good Company – (i meant it in a plural manner talaga because what I wanted to imply is that its not just simply companies that are listed.  There may be good companies that are privately listed, as well as  the people (the company of friends) who we hang out with that will result to the betterment of mankind.

Below’s a song from another great band “The Company”:D

– (Btw I’m not saying the lyrics relate to me. I just think this is one of the most popular songs by The Company- For non-Filipino readers, the song is about a broken-hearted martyr hehe, if there’s even such a term.)

This one looks like a good movie ah. (The Company din ung title.)

Forever an idealist, but understandably tempers my idealism to realism.

May your future and current businesses prosper and take the Philippine population to prosperity!  

Happy Weekend, Faceless Trader 😀

(P.S.  If you make money in the markets, I believe you should point and ask yourself why you’re making money.  Is it because the overall Philippine trend is up?  As they say, do not confuse brains in a bull market.  Identify why you’re losing money too. Inability to be disciplined?  Inability to position size? Black Swan events if you don’t manage your risks.  Do not put it in one stock.  Have diversification.  Then over time— teach people to fish, and not give the fish.  One day, that person may even have the entire fishpond and will always remember you for being the first to help.)

Here’s an SSRN paper “Don’t Confuse Brains with a Bull Market: Attribution Bias, Market Condition, and Trading Behavior of Individual Investors” – Read it here http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1979208


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