June 28, 2012- Some Good News to Wait For

Because of the “huge success” of last Saturday’s presentation to newbies in the market, our company will sponsor a seminar for people who have ZERO knowledge in the markets  (tentatively on September 2012) – no dates, no place yet.

If you have read my June 25,2012 post – “the best unkept secrets in making money in the markets”, that’s basically what I’m talking about.  We’ll repeat it (and I think eventually make it a monthly or quarterly thing).

I can only list 10 WOULD BE clients in our (first dry run).

So if you’re interested, do let me know – email me at facelesstrader@gmail.com (I’ll read it – but this is my blog email address…if you know me personally, you can go straight to my real name email and work email.) – I won’t consider facebook mail messages ah.  Thanks.


What I need:

1.) Someone with less than Php1M capital  and NO EXPERIENCE (no trading account, havent heard about stock markets at all etc.) – KASI FOR NEWBIES ung presentation namin – pero (i heard from a client feedback, he learned so much even if he was already trading a long time. Coverage of the seminar will be – peso cost averaging and how to make money in the stock market stress free. – We’ll try to record the seminar so more people can watch, even if they can’t physically attend, since we can only accommodate maximum of 50-60 people in the first dry run and I can only list 10 people under my invites.)

(If you’re already trading more than Php1M, I think it’s fairer to help the less fortunate ones who don’t have that much money yet. I can help people like you too, but let’s just discuss separately.  I’ll do one-on- one if you want pa. Message me na lang:  facelesstrader@gmail.com  Nothing wrong in opening several accounts.  Get a lot of opinions from all brokerage firms diba?  COL Financial Group, BPI Trade, First Metro Sec etc etc.   Consider opening one with us here at Wealth Securities 😀 )

2.) Someone serious in investing and learning about the stock markets.  Preferably people only earning less than Php100K per month, who wants to know how to make money in the markets safely without getting sucked into the normal retail slaughterhouse – which is to buy speculative stocks that rise and fall 50-60% in a matter of days.

3.) Anyone who is already thinking of opening a stock market account (or maybe you already have but just kept on losing money and want to learn what this peso cost averaging is.)



– Faceless Trader

(First come first serve na lang, pero I’ll write all who are interested in the wait list para just in case we have extra seats, will give.  Thanks.)



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11 Responses to June 28, 2012- Some Good News to Wait For

  1. Oh, last thing – if I’m gonna enlist 10 people. Hopefully I don’t get 5 people all in the same family. If possible 10 people who are unrelated to each other.


  2. Ipit Investor says:

    Hi..where will the seminar be held?


    • Tentatively at Corinthian Gardens’ Clubhouse. I want to invite the people who can benefit most so I’ll try to invite people with small amounts to invest, to learn about how peso cost averaging works and how they can make money in the markets. You want to go sir?


  3. Shaun says:

    Wanted to ask sir, if your max is 1M, may I know what’s the minimum? Nakakahiya naman kasi baka hindi umabot sa minimum amount niyo the amount I want to invest sana. Thanks and more power to your blog, it’s very informative. Thanks for sharing your insight.


  4. marco go says:

    Hi..can you please add me to your invites


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