June 25, 2012- Quick Announcements

1.) I won’t be able to make it in the Philippine Investors’ summit on July 7, 2012- I have to go to a wedding.  Sorry!

2.) I’m working in a Philippine brokerage firm.  If anyone’s interested to open an account with me (traditional broker), and ask for my inputs on markets etc.  We have both online and traditional brokers.  You can ask all your inquiries to me, from comm rates to what nots.  0.25% is the lowest comm rate I can go (and depends on volume/value of transactions). 0.25% is the comm rate for online clients, similar to other brokerage firms.

You can contact me via the following:

Send me an email here at : facelesstrader@gmail.com with the subject heading – “Opening An Account with FT”

Reasons to Open an Account with FT:

A.) I’ll basically share our company’s views, my own views etc.   Thanks

B.) You like reading FT’s articles, so most likely having an account with FT makes you both talk more often, and share ideas that cannot always be included in the blog.

C.) Stick with FT in the long run and you’ll hopefully be richer. (No guarantees of course, but as I said – hopefully richer.)

When everything else is set, of course, you can know every detail you want from me (my name, my work mail, work address, my contact numbers – anything you want to ask etc just like everything else).  Set meetings or what not.    We can start conversations and an investment relationship from there.

3.) Everything else in this blog is personal.  These are all personal thoughts.  Nothing written here reflects the view points of where I work in.  I wrote the blog not actually to solicit clients, but just to write thoughts, like a journal, but since it’s easier to just make a shoutout in a blog, I figured why not write about getting clients through the blog as well.

4.) Nothing written in this blog is for anyone, except personal thoughts.


Clearly, the stuff you miss has a cost. 🙂

– Faceless Trader.  Thanks.


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2 Responses to June 25, 2012- Quick Announcements

  1. pyt says:

    wow naman, i’m sure ang dami magopen ng account.


    • There are some “best kept – or more like – unkept” secrets in the Philippine markets. For as low as Php5000, one can simply invest in Philequity fund and enjoy stress free market returns. Also, peso cost averaging for non-market timers, so long as you have a dedicated team of research analysts. I checked BPI and JFC 10 year performances — and this is really interesting — 269% and 232% absolute return respectively. No market timing. Just disciplined peso cost averaging.


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