June 10, 2012- Philippine Investors Group Summit Invite

My highschool classmate Michael Lim, along with fellow organizers Leonard Pua, Skylar Songcal and with a little help from a few people in the Stock Market Pilipinas team (Ollie Azarcon) ,  is organizing a summit targeted most especially to newbies and market enthusiasts in the Philippines Stock market.  He invited a slew of speakers to help out, as well as invited several brokerage firms to talk about their products (equities, mutual funds, forex, franchising etc).

I am not paid to “advertise” his event, though due to the sheer fact of helping him out in the event in getting some speakers, he made my entrance ticket free.  I am a silent member to several Philippine market-related finance forums such as Stockmarket Pilipinas on FB, Traders Info Exchange, Finance Manila, Filipino Forex, Philippine Investors Group to name just a few.  Btw, all of the above I believe are open and free to all.

Ticket Price – Php1,000/head
When:  July 7, 2012 (Saturday) 1pm to midnight

Place: Tiara Oriental Hotel Makati

Payment Details: Cash or deposit pls. see full details in the link.  Look for Jovilhyn Angel Sagun (Philippine Investors Group Summit)

The ticket price will cover the series of talks from select industry leaders which will run from 1:30PM to 6:30PM. Dinner buffet and booze will be served from 6:30PM onwards. 

Below are the list of speakers:

Michael Sayo (Miko Sayo/”Tsupitero”) – Mr. Sayo has been trading in the PSE since 1996 and is now working at Nieves Securities. Mr. Sayo is a Certified Financial Technician and is also a member of the Technical Analysts Society of Singapore. He holds an MBA from Lasalle and is also the writer/owner of  The Tsupitero newsletter and the website (www.tsupitero.com).

For the summit, Miko will be discussing the basics of technical analysis as well as share practical tips and his personal experiences in trading.

Nieves Securities is one of the sponsors of the event.

Raul Ruiz (RCBC Securities) – Mr. Raul Ruiz is the head of the research department at RCBC securities and is also an instructor at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Mr. Ruiz will be discussing about fundamental analysis in the summit. RCBC Securities’ Head trader – Mr. Lorica will also be part of the RSEC team. Mr. Lorica will be a special guest in the summit.

Leo Dela Cruz (Security Bank) – Mr. Dela Cruz  is a Senior Trust Officer at Security Bank with more than 30 years of industry experience. He also belongs to the  Trust Officers Association of the Philippines (TOAP).   He will discuss about the various trust products particularly unit investment trust funds ( UITFs).

Armando Bartolome (Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. – President) – Mr. Armando is considered by many as one of the gurus in the franchising industry. He will be giving a brief talk on franchising and will be joined by Generics Pharmacy President Mr. Dedelent,  a partner for the event.

Mr. Aya Laraya (Pesos and Sense TV) – A Certified Securities Representative, a Certified Investment Company Representative, a Realtor, a writer and a TV host; Aya has over two decades of experience in the different financial industries in the country. From stocks, mutual funds, real estate and bank products; Aya provides his clients with practical advice on determining the most suitable instrument for their particular needs. He will be giving a talk on Peso Cost Averaging and practical tips in the stock market.

Charmel de los Santos , author of  “High Heeled Traders” (www.highheeledtraders.com) is also donating some of her books as prizes for the event.

Hope to see you guys there,

– Faceless Trader is going – 🙂


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  1. I don’t know who the list of sponsors for the event are, so I omitted mentioning them here. Thanks. Hope the sponsors will understand 🙂


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