June 3, 2012- Invest in Knowledge

If you’re going to share something, via twitter, facebook or something— can we kindly just try to share useful articles?

It is my fervent hope that Filipinos become wiser in their financial investments, so share useful things please?

Here are some examples of them:

1.) How do I determine when stocks are overextended and due for a correction?

IBD University (Investors Business Daily) – has a good article –

A stock becomes overextended during a climax run. Climax runs can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes ebullience in the stock causes it to run up much faster over a short period of time than it had previously. Sometimes ebullience in the market causes certain stocks to climax. Other times stock splits can cause climax runs. Here are some general rules you can follow.

You can read entire article here.  Click the link 🙂

2.) Psychology of a Market Cycle


Open an account anywhere.  You can open through many brokerage firms.  Try all services.  Sample everything.  Then stick to the ones you like 🙂

Some of the local brokerage firms here: (This is not ranked in order of preference)

a.) COL Financial Group – Most retail clients flock here.  www.colfinancial.com

b.) Wealth Securities – Most people who love advisory services come here.  Philequity Mutual fund’s track record speaks for itself.

http://www.wealthsec.net, http://www.philequity.net

c.) First Metro, BPI Trade, RCBC Securities, Security Bank (SB Equity),  Sun Securities, Nieves Securities, Tower Securities, F. Yap Securities,Valuequest Securities, HDI Securities, Angping Securities, Abacus Securities, Gold Star Securities, Evergreen Securities, Yu and Co Securities – TOO MANY TO MENTION.

Foreign Brokerage firms:

CLSA, Deutsche, JPMOrgan, UBS, Credit Suisse

Take your pick.  You have a whole menu of items to choose from.  Stick to brokers who you think will not default (same thing with the banks you deposit your money into).  Open accounts with brokerage firms that provide you the best service possible (whether it comes in cost of commissions, ease of usage, research, your trusted broker etc.)


Whether that investment comes from mistakes, a million peso or hundred thousand peso tuition to pay in the markets – hopefully has been enough tuition fee for you to learn your mistakes.


Hat tip to the following sharers: Frank Co, Pesos and Sense and to others I forgot to mention.  Sorry, nakalimutan ko lang.

If you’re gonna share something, share something useful like news articles, or nice quotes, not half-baked thoughts, predictions, forecasts etc.  Keep your TPs to yourself.

Btw, Eastern Finals versus Western Finals — 🙂 🙂

-Faceless Trader

(Eto opinion taliwas na sa markets – I’m so sad about Zhang Zhiyi 😦 I can’t get over it.  For all that’s been said and done, she earned $100 Mil fair and square through her “services”.  So if her client happens to have paid her through government corruption, then does her assets get frozen as well, and she goes to jail for it?  Hmm.  The burden of proof whether she knows or does not know the money paid her is corrupt is so hard to prove.  Good luck lawyers.  So if you happen to be a salesman especially for luxurious items, alamin nang mabuti— san nanggaling ung pera na binabayad sayo!

Teka, screwed up ba values system ko?  Wala lang.  I just love Zhang Zhiyi as well!  Maganda sya pero…sigh.  I don’t think she’s stupid.  I respect her and I support whatever happens to her.  Something’s fishy here.   There’s a new spin that she was forced to escort herself daw.  If that were true (which hypothetically sounds very likely)…then she’s a victim!

So what do you think of all of this—was poor Ziyi basically forced to become an escort for rich and powerful men, or is this just an outrageous story constructed to get attention by throwing together the name of a scandalous public figure and a big celebrity?

My stance is :

So instead of hating on her for it, calling her a whore, and labelling her a loose woman, consider the circumstances of the country that owns her. What are the choices for Chinese women born to low pedigree in China? Google Foxconn right now and read about the working conditions of factory employees making iPads and iPods every day for less than a dollar, living in cramped quarters and dismal conditions. The word OPTION is a f-cking luxury. (P.S. I still love you Zhang Zhiyi!) Boo to all haters!

No one does corruption like the Chinese do corruption. I promise you. If there was an Olympics of Corruption, we would win every single year. Silver would never be acceptable. Corruption and Greed are built into our DNA, and since we’re such an old culture, they’ve mutated in ways that you other people can’t even begin to hope to catch up to.

Read more here:

1.) http://laineygossip.com/Articles/Details/23686/Zhang-Ziyi-prostitution-rumours-with-Chinese-government

2.) http://celebs.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981372520


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2 Responses to June 3, 2012- Invest in Knowledge

  1. Ben says:

    I still don’t believe Zhang Zhiyi prostituted herself. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. She said it was a rumor being spread by a rival actress.


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