June 3, 2012- Aim for the Middle + Do Less and Upgrade your iPad :D

Well, yeah you can just simply find all these in http://www.abnormalreturns.com courtesy of Tadas Viskantas, the best financial curator in the web.  🙂

1.)  So aim for the middle: take moderate risks, diversify, be realistic, and adjust your portfolio slowly as conditions change.  Then you can stay in the game, and compound your returns.  (Aim for the Middle – Aleph)

2.) Gold and copper decouple completely. (Sober look)

3.)  Give your team permission to invent. (Understanding Stuck, Seth Godin)

4.) Indeed, the best investments are often the ones that few people have heard of, and sometimes the companies like it that way. (NY Times, Picking Stocks after FB)

5.) My goal is to become better at failing expertly. (Minimalist Trader)

6.) (Blue Blue Chips, Fortune)

So despite the low PE’s on blue-chip tech — HP’s is 6 for the next year, Dell’s is 5, Cisco’s is 8 — investors just aren’t buying the story that large-cap tech companies are turning themselves around. Some of the biggest success stories of the tech sector are now some of the hardest sells on Wall Street, even though they are profitable and showing modest if steady growth.

The blue chips of Silicon Valley have gone, in the last decade, from the growth stocks everyone wanted to the value stocks few value investors would touch. And that makes these blue-chip stocks very blue indeed.

7.) But keep in mind that in high correlation markets, earnings growth is overshadowed by macro concerns. No real correction is over until the last momentum group is crushed.   You don’t win in high-correlation markets. You survive them.(Ivanhoff)

8.) For the rest of us, do less and upgrade your iPad. (Howard Lindzon)

9.) Caixin on stimulus: “we can’t drink poison to quench our thirst”http://bit.ly/LLWu2m

Manufacturing in China slumps for the 7th month! http://www.marketplace.org/topics/world/manufacturing-china-slumps-seventh-month

10.) Saved the best for last — Mary Meeker’s State of the Web. FOR THE WIN!!! (Business Insider)

In the meantime, protect your capital and confidence,

-Faceless Trader


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