May 27,2012- Talking Points on Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams

Seth Godin has a free e-book “Stop Stealing Dreams”.  I’m reading it now and so far, here are some talking points discussed that may be useful for conversations.  He basically divided the e-book into many bullet points, for simple digestion.  One post at a time.  🙂  Below are some of the lines I found quite nice about dreams, school and what connections really mean.

Post # 19. 

The dreams we need are self-reliant dreams. We need dreams based not on what
is but on what might be. We need students who can learn how to learn, who can
discover how to push themselves and are generous enough and honest enough to
engage with the outside world to make those dreams happen.

Post # 20 

That’s the new job of school, not to hand a map to those willing to follow it but to inculcate leadership and restlessness into a new generation.

Post #21

In the connection revolution, value is not created by increasing the productivity of those manufacturing a good or a service. Value is created by connecting buyers to sellers, producers to consumers, and the passionate to each other.

In the connected world, reputation is worth more than test scores. Access to data
means that data isn’t the valuable part; the processing is what matters. Most of all, the connected world rewards those with an uncontrollable itch to make and lead and matter.

In the pre-connected world, information was scarce, and hoarding it was smart.  Information needed to be processed in isolation, by individuals. After school, you were on your own.

In the connected world, all of that scarcity is replaced by abundance—an abundance of information, networks, and interactions

Read the whole book here :

-Faceless Trader


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