May 9, 2012- Just an update re Sip a Lemonade Portfolio

Earlier on the year, I was too “confident” and wrote about possibly just having a mechanistic portfolio that just buys stocks bouncing in their moving averages without a single care in the world what the company does or whether it even earns, as long as it bounces and moves above the moving averages.  I termed the portfolio  “Sip a Lemonade” , primarily because it is a lazy portfolio.  Well, eventually, I ended up choosing stocks I liked fundamentally and then just simply held it, until momentum waned…  I don’t think I exactly got to ride most of the trends since I kept on hopping and hopping.

Since the account I’ve shown is relatively a small and very nimble account, it’s easier to get in and out, so even if some companies are illiquid, I could get in and out easily.  I haven’t traded this account – as active- as I normally am.

Just because I promised I’d show my trades etc… here are the complete ledger files.  Honestly, I haven’t been trading it hehe. (not so much , I suppose, so you don’t see day trades like pxp for instance etc.)

****It’s too detailed to copy paste all the records, but here’s what happened from Php162K starting point to approx Php178K  — so around 10% from February to May 2012 (around 3 months and a week) .  Not much really, considering the way the market moved.    This still underperforms the market’s move.   Nevertheless, at least it’s up 😀  Basically, I kept on hopping and hopping, until I got tired and told myself I’ll just go long PGOLD and RFM and AGI then took profits.  Other stocks I traded were win,geo,marc,uni,sm,ov,lcb,opmb – mostly break-even with these speculatives, win some lose some.   Currently with open positions in VLL and EW IPO.

-Faceless Trader


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