April 15, 2012- Vegetarian Icecream anyone?

I wanted to lose some pounds for the summer, or at least just so I can fit into my clothes better.  Ironically, I found myself running on the treadmill for fifteen minutes, while watching Asian Food Channel as well as Lee Ha Nui’s Healthy Recipes in TVN 360.  Lee Ha Nui has beauty and brains indeed.  Check her wikipedia here.   Anyway, so Lee Ha Nui is a vegan, and her show actually shows some scrumptious meals like Vegan burgers, vegan icecream, some potato salad with a vegan mayonnaise.  So sad that I can’t find a youtube link for you guys to watch her there…but I must say that TV ratings must have seriously gone up in Lee Ha Nui’s show.  A very pretty face, lots of healthy and delicious food.  Scrumptious.

Check out the vegan icecream she talked about in her show here.

Korean Hottie.  Btw, she won third runner up in Miss Universe 2007.

Also, interesting fact, she’s close friends with another hot actress – Kim Tae Hee, and they went to Seoul National University together.

Speaking of beauties… I found this funny forum – Missosology.  Even gays love Lee Ha- Nui.  Appeals to gays, guys and girls.  Naks 🙂

– Faceless Trader


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