March 25, 2012- Assortment of Useful Tidbits :)

Useful Reminders:

1.) The big money is made in holding good companies with the right business model for the long term rather than in short term trading.

2.) While the big move has already occurred, there is still room for stocks to move higher over the next 12 months.

3.) The risk/reward trade-off isn’t attractive enough to move to overweight.  Recommend neutral positions.

4.)  Life is not about perfection on Day 1. It is about making those little choices every day and adjusting along the way. As the famous Steve Jobs (God bless his soul) said, you can only connect the dots looking backward. Life is not about getting a chance; it’s about taking a chance.  – Jay Jaboneta via Rappler (On being men for others) 

5.) A publicly listed company, well distributed and well owned, wrests control from the founders and gives it to thousands of faceless shareholders.

6.) Sometimes it’s best to conserve energy, to play the long game, and not to risk everything for the sake of a short-term win.

7.) Making an enduring company, he said, was both far harder and more important than making a great product. – Walter Isaacson’s Interview on Steve Jobs

8.) Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

9.) You did the impossible because you didn’t realize it was impossible.

10.) Promote unplanned encounters and collaborations.

– Faceless Trader


Link Sources: 

1.) Walter Isaacsson –  Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs 

2.) Jay Jaboneta – On Being Men For Others

3.) Robert Uy – Foodporn- Lurking beneath the ice

4.) Philequity – 5000, Now what?



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2 Responses to March 25, 2012- Assortment of Useful Tidbits :)

  1. ScIoN says:

    Hello FT!

    Sorry as this may be a bit out of topic, can I ask for career advice in the finance industry? hehehe. 😛

    I’m not sure, what would be the best way to contact you. Email perhaps? 😀


    • haha. I don’t know if I am even qualified to give such advice, but sure go ahead. You know my real email right? Just send me an email on my personal mail, or let’s talk via ym/fb. I rarely do direct messaging via twitter. sowee. 🙂


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