March 4, 2012- Heated Mining Debates links

Please watch the videos about the Mining debates. Links below:

1.) MVP and Gina Lopez debate –

2.) Gerry Brimo (Nickel Asia)  –

3.) Gina Lopez –


Mining Stocks mentioned : Philex Mining (PX), Nickel Asia (NIKL)

– Faceless Trader


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11 Responses to March 4, 2012- Heated Mining Debates links

  1. Nobody says:

    Hi FT, what do you think of AGI, COL, ORE and PX’s charts now? Hehe, thanks in advance master! 😀


    • easy- easy. no master here. just a normal person trading in and out of stocks. If you knew how much money I lost, I don’t think you’d call me a master. Anyway, AGI had some net foreign buys recently, though at 12— i’d say mejo 50-50 ung laban whether it goes higher some more or pauses for a while. If u have this cheap, then hold since market uptrend’s with you, if you’re going to enter, mejo– small size lang. As for COL- its consolidating so just be patient, as for ORE- very good correction and broke above with strong volumes- just hold or even average up if an entry of consolidation materializes near 5.80-5.90s, as for PX – just in a sideways range for now. Pardon if I haven’t really made any detailed analysis on whether some accumulation in the sideways pattern is happening as I haven’t been able to study PX. hope this helps. -FT


  2. Nobody says:

    Haha sorry FT, I just appreciate your insights very much thanks 🙂 ok I sold my AGI already like you said, it seemed 50-50 to me as well tapos mukhang bound for correction pa yung market tapos uncertain yung foreign markets so nag take profits na ako. Although, mukhang uptrend nga, looking forward for a dip (if meron). Anyway, thanks very much for the reply sir. 😀


  3. AL says:

    Hi FT, what do you think on PXP? its been climbing for a while and no major correction, why? Is ther somebody out there accumulating this one?


    • For the very short term, here are the historical transactions. During the consolidation from January 17 to Feb 16, Top net buys are Wealth, Macquarie, Valuequest, Deutsche, UBS, Ansaldo, HE Benntt with more than Php5M worth bought priced at 9.80 to 10.16. Sellers are Campos Lanuza, First Metro, Abacus and Papa. After the run up, between Feb 23 to March 9, Tower, Papa, BPI, Asiasec, Citiseconline, Wealth, Macquarie and Benntt bought again but this time > Php2.5M worth priced at 12-13.36. Why will they be buying it up more? What’s their target prices? – i don’t know. Only fundamental valuations or some estimate of the future earnings of the company are possible drivers to accumulate during consolidations (when they bought between 9.80-10.16). Philex Petroleum (PXP) is engaged in exploration of oil, with last year’s IPO proceeds devoting $80 Mil in doing survey works in Sampaguita field in Palawan. Philex Petroleum Corporation engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas. The company also owns and operates oil and gas properties. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Pasig City, Philippines. Philex Petroleum Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Philex Mining Corp. Company’s market cap is 22.5 Bil pesos. Here are some old news articles re PXP


      • The PXP prospectus lists the development of the Sampaguita gas field in Service Contract 72 Recto Bank, held through its 64.45% controlling interest in Forum Energy Plc, as among PXP’s key strategies in creating long-term value. PXP also owns 18.46 % of Pitkin Petroleum Plc and 10.31% of PetroEnergy Resources Corporation, both petroleum exploration and production companies, and 100% of Brixton Energy & Mining Corporation, a coal company operating in Zamboanga Sibugay.

        PMC remains as the biggest stockholder of PXP with 64.79% of the outstanding shares. Its other principal stockholders include the state pension fund agency, Social Security System and Asia Link B.V. The listing ceremony was graced by PXP Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and members of the PSE Board of Directors led by PSE Chairman Jose T. Pardo and PSE President and Chief Executive Officer Hans B.Sicat



    Finance Manila forum peeps have some good conversations re PXP.


  5. These are some news related to PXP during its trading debut: Most people are talking about the Sampaguita gas field potential but I’m not a gas analyst. I tried to make a google search, and since Philex Petroleum owns 64.45% of Forum Energy, maybe the following researches can help? Kindly check the following links :

    (Maganda basahin ung valuation style ng Edison Research Report)

    And if my understanding is correct, the company is still losing money.

    Cheers! – FT


    • AL says:

      Thanks a lot FT, yeah losing money is common to a mining company (for a good reason) I think. There is a saying nga “You will never now ’til you bet”. Been reading the book “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” on my kindle hehe.

      I hope you can post some more insparational books to read, Thanks!


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